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2019 Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Award Winners

Each year the Friendly Flyer Award is presented to jet operators that meet or exceed our VNY noise abatement program criteria during the award year.  The voluntary Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program for jet aircraft was first established at VNY in 1994 to address the community’s concerns regarding jet aircraft noise in neighboring areas.  LAWA created the “Friendly Flyer” award in 2012 to acknowledge operators who complied with all noise abatement policies and procedures and had the highest level of success in adhering to the voluntary No Early Turn and Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Programs.

For more information about the Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program and the program criteria for operators at VNY, please visit:

2019 Friendly Flyer Award Winners

Total Winners

First-time Winners 

Repeat Winners


Legacy Winners






Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is pleased to congratulate and express our appreciation to the 37 companies that were recipients of the 8th Annual Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Awards. Due to restrictions on gatherings in 2020 resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, winners of the prestigious award received their award plaques accompanied by a box of sweets via mail service in lieu of a ceremony.  Legacy winners also received a unique wire airplane replica designed by local artist, Mike Challgren.

2019 Friendly Flyer Award winners pictured in collage (clockwise from top left) include:  Pegasus Elite Aviation, Desert Jet, LLC,  Dumont Aviation Group, Clay Lacy Aviation, NetJets, Jet Edge International, Dreamline Aviation LLC, and Sun Air Jet LLC.


      First-time Winners        Repeat Winners        Legacy Winners
  •  Dumont Aviation Group
  •  Executive Jet Management, Inc. 
  •  Clay Lacy Aviation
  •  Jet Linx Aviation, LLC
  •  Silver Air
  •  Dreamline Aviation, LLC
  •  Paragon Airways
  •  Worldwide Jet Charter, Inc.
  •  Flexjet
  •  STA Jets
  •  Latitude 33 Aviation, LLC
  •  Flight Options
  •  Talon Air, Inc.
  •  Sun Air Jets, LLC
  •  JetSuite


  •  Wonderful Citrus Aviation 
  •  NetJets


  •  Desert Jet, LLC
  •  Tutor-Saliba Corporation


  •  Chrysler Aviation, Inc.
  •  XOJET, Inc.
  •  Gama Aviation
  •  Pegasus Elite Aviation
  •  Cirrus Aviation Services
  •  Cove Aviation Partners, LLC
  •  Delta Private Jets
  •  Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.
  •  Jet Edge International
  •  Paragon Transport Management, LLC
  •  Prime Jet, LLC
  •  Solairus Aviation

  •  Presidential Aviation, Inc.
  •  XCEL Jet Management, Inc.
  •  L & G Aviation, LLC
  •  Millbrook Air
  •  Mountain Aviation, Inc.
  •  Pacific Coast Jet, LLC
  •  Regency Air, LLC

*Legacy winners are operators that have won every year since the inception of the Van Nuys Friendly  Flyer Awards.



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