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Van Nuys - 2012 Friendly Flyer Award Winners

2012 VNY Friendly Flyer Award  

2012 Friendly Flyer Award Winners 

2012 Fly Friendly Award winners pictured with Deputy Executive Director Michael Feldman (top row 2nd from left), Airport Environmental Manager Scott Tatro (standing far left) and VNY Noise Office Leonard Krugler (standing far right). The winners pictured are representing TWC Aviation and Clay Lacy Aviation (top row left to right); West Coast Charters, JetSuite, Space Exploration Technologies, XOJET, NetJets, Jet-Alliance, and Paramount Pictures Corporate Aviation (seated from left to right).

Los Angeles World Airports is pleased to announce the following winners of the inaugural Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Award for Calendar Year 2012. The awards were presented at the BOAC meeting on May 21, 2013 in Van Nuys. The award winners were also commended by BOAC President Michael A. Lawson after the presentation. LAWA encourages all operators to Fly Friendly into and out of VNY. You too may be a winner based on your performance for the next calendar year!

Airbar, LLC. 
Clay Lacy Aviation, Inc. 
Dreamline Aviation, LLC. 
Flight Options, LLC. 
Glenbrook Capital Logistics, LLC. 
Green Two, Inc. 
Jet-Alliance, Inc. 
JetSuite, LLC. 
Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. 
Paramount Pictures Corporate Aviation 
Space Exploration Technologies Group 
Travel Management Company, Ltd. 
Tutor-Saliba Corporation 
Landmark Aviation 
West Coast Charters, Inc. 

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