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Van Nuys - Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program

2018 Friendly Flyer Award Winners

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First-time Winners 

Repeat Winners


Legacy Winners






Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) recognized 34 companies in the 7th Annual Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Awards ceremony. A luncheon ceremony was held on June 13, 2019 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel to recognize the winners of the prestigious award.

2018 Friendly Flyer Award Winners
2018 Fly Friendly Award winners pictured with LAWA representatives – Kendrick Okuda (seated, far right); Diana Sanchez and René Spencer (standing, far right); Christian Moreno and Flora Margheritis (seated, center); Leonard Krugler (standing, 5th from right). Office of Congressman Tony Cárdenas Field Representative – Lea Gonzalez; Office of Councilwoman Nury Martinez Field Deputy –Lauren Padick (standing, far left). The winners pictured are: Sun Air Jet LLC, Pacific Coast Jet, LLC, Jet Aviation Flight Services Inc, Chrysler Aviation Inc., Dreamline Aviation LLC, Gama Aviation (top row); Pegasus Elite Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, JetSuite.
      First-time Winners        Repeat Winners        Legacy Winners
  •  CI Jets
  •  Executive Jet Management, Inc. 
  •  Clay Lacy Aviation
  •  Hollister Aviation, LLC   
  •  Oakmont Corporation
  •  Dreamline Aviation, LLC
  •  Journey Aviation, LLC
  •  Silver Air
  •  Flexjet
  •  L & G Aviation, LLC
  •  Worldwide Jet Charter, Inc.
  •  Flight Options
  •  Millbrook Air   
  •  Latitude 33 Aviation, LLC
  •  JetSuite
  •  Mountain Aviation, Inc
  •  Sun Air Jets, LLC
  •  NetJets
  •  Pacific Coast Jet, LLC
  •  Wonderful Citrus Aviation
  •  Tutor-Saliba Corporation
  •  Regency Air, LLC
  •  Desert Jet, LLC
  •  XOJET, Inc.
  •  Chrysler Aviation, Inc.
  •  Gama Aviation
  •  Pegasus Elite Aviation
  •  Cirrus Aviation Services
  •  Cove Aviation Partners, LLC
  •  Delta Private Jets
  •  Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.
  •  Paragon Transport Management, LLC
  •  Presidential Aviation, Inc.
  •  XCEL Jet Management, Inc.


*Legacy winners are operators that have won every year since the inception of the Van Nuys Friendly  Flyer Awards.


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