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2016 Friendly Flyer Award Winners  

Los Angeles World Airports is pleased to announce the 35 winners of the 5th Annual Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Award for Calendar Year 2016. The winners were honored for their outstanding achievement at VNY by adhering to all established noise abatement regulations and achieving 99% or greater compliance with all voluntary noise abatement programs. A luncheon ceremony was held in June 2017 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel to recognize the winners of the prestigious award.


2016 Friendly Flyer Award

2016 Fly Friendly Award winners pictured with LAWA representatives – Trevor Daley, Commissioner Jeffery J. Daar, Flora Margheritis (seated left to right: 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively); Diana Sanchez (standing, far left); Leonard Krugler and Christian Moreno (standing far right). The winners pictured are: Air Lease Corporation, Aviation Consultants, Inc., AVJET Corporation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Caesars Entertainment, Dreamline Aviation LLC, JetSuite, Jet Edge International, Latitude 33 Aviation LLC, Oakmont Corporation, Pegasus Elite Aviation, Solairus Aviation, and XOJET, Inc.  

First-time Winners Repeat Winners Legacy Winners
• Chrysler Aviation, Inc. • Air Lease Corporation • Clay Lacy Aviation
• Cove Aviation Partners, LLC • Aviation Consultants, Inc. • Dreamline Aviation
• Gama Aviation • AVJET Corporation • Flexjet
• Jet Edge International • Caesars Entertainment Operating Co., Inc. • Flight Options
• Landmark Aviation Aircraft Management & Charter • Desert Jet, LLC. • JetSuite
• Pegasus Elite Aviation • Executive Jet Management, Inc. • NetJets
• Prime Jet, LLC • Latitude 33 Aviation, LLC • Space Exploration Technologies
• Solairus Aviation • Oakmont Corporation • Tutor-Saliba Corporation
• Windsor Jet Management • Paramount Pictures Corporation • West Coast Charters, LLC
• Zetta Jet USA, Inc. • Sands Aviation, LLC • XOJET, Inc.
• Sun Air Jets, LLC
• Trans-Exec Air Services, Inc.
• Wonderful Citrus Aviation
• Silver Air
• Worldwide Jet Charter, Inc.




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