Certified Service Provider License Agreement (CSPLA)

Certified Service Provider Program (CSPP) - Certified Service Provider License Agreement (CSPLA)

What is it?

The CSPP and CSPLA were developed to advance airport safety and security by certifying individuals and/or businesses providing specific services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The goal of the CSPP is to increase customer service quality, improve vehicle and equipment safety, optimize facilities use and enhance employee training at LAX.

What are the key requirements for a CSPLA?

  1. A contract with an airline, tenant, recognized consortium and/or service provider at LAX
  2. Have, or demonstrate the ability to secure, appropriate operational space at LAX (excludes Food Service providers)
  3. Demonstrate capacity to perform contracted services without the use of subcontractors

Who should apply?

  1. Companies that provide airfield and terminal services to an airline, tenant, recognized consortium, and/or service provider at LAX
  2. Airlines, tenants, recognized consortiums and/or service providers that service other airlines, tenants, recognized consortiums and/or service providers at LAX

Who should not apply?

  1. Construction contractors
  2. Companies contracted by LAWA (for any service)
  3. Companies contracted by government agencies (for any service)
  4. LAWA Concessionaires contracted to provide services at LAX, per competitive bid process
  5. LAWA Concessionaires providing food and/or beverage services to airline lounges and/or consortiums at LAX, including companies providing food and/or beverage delivery services landside at 6. 6. LAX, are not required to secure a CSPLA
  6. LAWA Contracted Vendors
  7. Airlines providing services for themselves
CSPLA Application
Please submit your CSPLA application by saving and emailing a copy with attachments to: [email protected]

PDF-Fillable Application

Companies are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q. Page) page. For questions and comments about CSPP, please contact Airfield Permits at [email protected] or at (424) 646-5880

CSPLA Application Status 
   CSPLA Applicants 

CSPP Reference Materials


CSPLA Sample Documents & Forms


LAWA Contracting Resources


CSPP LWO 16-Hour Emergency Preparedness Training

  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. City Ordinance 185321 - Living Wage
  3. City Ordinance 185356 - Worker Retention
  4. CSP Employee Training Roster
  5. LAX Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan
  6. CSPEP Training Plan (Assessment Criteria)
  7. CSPEP Checklist
  8. LAX Operations Overview 2018
  9. LAX Contagious Disease Awareness Brochure (pdf format)
  10. LAX Contagious Disease Awareness Brochure (MS Publisher format) 
  11. 2018 CSP-EPT Compliance Status
  12. 2019 LAWA EPT Curriculum Outline
  13. 2019 CSP-EPT Letter of Intent
  14. LAWA 1-Hour Emergency Management Tenant Suite Computer-Based Training

For questions regarding LAWA specific emergency preparedness/response procedures, please contact the Emergency Management Division, Cassandra Heredia at (424) 646-5058.

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