Airfield Permits

Airfield Permits

The Airfield Permits Unit issues the various permits required to conduct activities at LAX facilities. More detailed information regarding these permits and their associated requirements is provided in the Permit Package for each permit.

Incentive Program Brochure
Airline Service Incentive Program Brochure

Agreement Form

Air Carrier Permit

An Air Carrier Operating Permit (ACOP) authorizes the permittee to conduct air carrier operations at LAWA’s airports. A separate permit is necessary for each of LAWA’s airports. An ACOP is not required at VNY. A single use operating permit can be used to make one landing at LAX.


Certified Service Provider Permit

The CSPP and CSPLA were developed to advance airport safety and security by certifying individuals and/or businesses providing specific services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The goal of the CSPP is to increase customer service quality, improve vehicle and equipment safety, optimize facilities use and enhance employee training at LAX.

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Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA)

The purpose of the NELA is to establish a contractual relationship with all companies providing services at LAWA facilities that may not otherwise be bound contractually by a direct contract, property lease, or concessionaire agreement with LAWA.

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Fuel Delivery Permit

These permits authorize petroleum product delivery companies to deliver (by hydrant or tanker truck) fuel to LAWA and tenants' storage facilities. Fuel brokers are also authorized by these permits to conduct in-tank trading of petroleum products to tenants and LAWA facilities.


Vehicles on Airfield Permit (Non-construction)

This permit authorizes company vehicles to access the Airport Operations Area (AOA; e.g. service roads, ramp areas, etc.) to conduct business and/or operations.


LAX Company Vehicle Authorization Letter

Use the letter below in the event your company allows another company to use your vehicles on the airfield.


Further information regarding these permits can also be obtained by calling the Airfield Permits Unit:


Los Angeles World Airports
Airfield Permits Unit
7301 World Way West, Room 100
Los Angeles CA 90045

Tuesday - Thursday, 8:00am to 3:00pm
Closed weekends and City Holidays

E-Mail Address:

Mailing Address:
PO Box 92216
Los Angeles CA  90009-2216

Phone: (424) 646-5880

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