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October 2020: LAX becomes nation’s leading cargo operation for imported personal protective equipment, outpaces national average overall. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has become the leading destination in the United States for imports of N95 respirators, masks and similar personal protective equipment (PPE), which are included in a trade category that has increased an astonishing 20,433% at LAX this year, according to a new industry analyst report. Data from WorldCity, which tracks import-export intelligence for ports around the United States, shows LAX is significantly outperforming the national average in overall cargo trade in 2020, and that the airport has become the nation’s leading port for the category that includes many types of respirators and masks.
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March 2019: LAX Soars in World Airport Rankings, Moves to Fourth in the World, No. 10 Busiest Cargo Operation Globally Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has regained its position as the fourth busiest commercial airport in the world, while also growing in the global rankings for its cargo operations, according to Airports Council International (ACI) World data. LAX's world ranking for cargo operations also jumped three spaces to become No. 10 for the most cargo tonnage processed. In 2018, LAX processed a total of 2.2 million metric tons, an increase of 2.4 percent over 2017.
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April 2018: LAX Breaks 18-Year-Old Cargo Record, Processing 2.158 Million Metric Tons in 2017 Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) processed more than 2.158 million metric tons of cargo in 2017, breaking an 18-year-old record for cargo tonnage processed. The figure, which is inclusive of goods destined for both domestic and international destinations, has also increased LAX’s worldwide and national cargo processing ranking to #13 in the world and #4 in the nation, an increase from #14 and #5, respectively. The increase is an indicator that Los Angeles remains an important economic conduit for the world’s goods, and reaffirms Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) strategic goal of sustaining a strong business."
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Other Cargo News

November 2021: China-US air cargo under pressure amid port congestion ahead of holidays: As the US continues to grapple with port congestion and other logistics woes ahead of the holiday shopping season, many traders have resorted to what is usually the last shipping option - air cargo. But even the more costly option is now facing a serious capacity shortfall, extended waiting time and surging prices, due to high demand, traders and industry insiders said on Monday. However, even with higher prices, traders still face long waiting time to book space for their cargos, if they can find any. A cross-border logistics agent in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province, said that the current air shipment period from Shenzhen to Los Angeles is around nine to 12 working days, about one week longer than in ordinary times.
Staff Reporters, Global Times

October 23, 2021: In LAX’s Successful 2021, Good-News Story Partly Told With ‘Bad’ Numbers: This is one of those rare instances where you can tell a good-news story with bad numbers… Los Angeles International Airport will clearly have a record year for international trade in 2021, as the above graphic would suggest, despite underperforming the national average in its gain over 2020. That’s the case because, rather than get battered by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as was the case at most of the nation’s 450-plus airports, seaports and border crossings, LAX actually prospered… Looking back to 2019, however, and LAX shines with a little more luster. Its trade is up 13.11% year to date, almost twice the national average of 6.75%. Ken Roberts, Contributor, Forbes

September 21, 2021: The top 10 busiest cargo airports in the world: While we may have gone through the pandemic without air travel, we could not have survived without the global air cargo sector. Vaccines, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), masks and medical supplies are just some of the essential items that, owing to air cargo transport, we have still been able to secure during a time of global crisis… Los Angeles is the gateway for international trade between North America and Asia Pacific, so it comes as no surprise that LAX Cargo continues to rank highly each year. However, 2020 saw a whopping 6.6% increase in the total cargo goods handled at the LAX cargo hub, which ensured that the airport entered the Top 10 at number eight. This is an advance from the 10th spot, which LAX held in 2018. Jean Lim, AEROTIME

September 16, 2021: CBP Introduces First-in-the-nation Dedicated Centralized Inspection Facility at LAX: Today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in partnership with Custom Specialized Services, introduced the first-in-the-nation dedicated Air Centralized Examination Station (A-CES) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the commencement of operations of the new 40,000-sqare foot facility, which will expedite e-commerce shipments arriving internationally while efficiently intercepting illicit goods. Since the beginning of the pandemic e-commerce importations at LAX experienced an unprecedented growth of over 700%. U.S. Customs and Border Protection

August 31, 2021: Pandemic taught passenger airlines lesson about the value of freight: “The director general of the International Air Transport Association acknowledged Monday that the organization has not always valued cargo throughout its history but said the pandemic taught airline executives that shipping goods can be profitable with more focused service. “People probably haven’t fully appreciated the importance of cargo to the financial model of a lot of airlines,” Willie Walsh, the former chief executive of British Airways and International Airlines Group, said during a moderated exchange at the Cargo Network Services (CNS) conference in Miami… Some [airlines’]…business model has reversed, with management examining the incremental cost of carrying passengers rather than the incremental cost of cargo when making decisions about how, and where, to fly.” Eric Kulisch/FreightWaves

July 5, 2021: Area Airports See Continued Traffic Recovery for May: The rebound in travelers at local airports continued in May, with passenger counts surpassing half of pre-pandemic levels for the first time. The four airports serving Los Angeles County — Los Angeles International, Ontario International, Hollywood Burbank and Long Beach — saw 4.86 million passengers go through their gates in May, up 31% from April and up nearly six-fold from May of last year…Meanwhile, air cargo continues to boom at the four airports, especially at LAX. More than 334,000 tons of air cargo went through the airports, up nearly 12% from last year and up more than 22% from May 2019. LAX cargo tonnage led the way, jumping nearly 31% in May from two years ago. Howard Fine/Los Angeles Business Journal

May 3, 2021: Airports see surge in passenger, cargo traffic: Passenger traffic at local airports surged in March, hitting the highest level since the pandemic began while air cargo continued to soar with tonnage at or near record highs. The four airports serving Los Angeles County — Los Angeles International, Ontario International, Hollywood Burbank and Long Beach — had 3.1 million passengers go through their gates in March, up 65% from February. But that’s still down 63% from the 8.5 million passengers that went through the four airports in March 2019, a year before the pandemic hit, showing how far there is to go before air travel returns to pre-Covid levels. Howard Fine/Los Angeles Business Journal 

November 2, 2020: Increased Cargo Traffic Lifts Local Airports: As passenger traffic at the four airports serving Los Angeles County continued in September a slow climb back from this spring's pandemic-induced collapse, an unexpected bright spot for the airports has been a cargo boom…At LAX, air cargo figures have been climbing steadily since May, reaching 225,000 tons in September, 21% above September 2019's level. Howard Fine, Los Angeles Business Journal

August 31, 2020: Domestic Traffic Continues to Rebound at LAX: Passenger traffic at Los Angeles International Airport continued to rebound in July from pandemic-induced lows, led by domestic air travel, according to figures released Aug. 26 by airport officials…Cargo continues to be a bright spot for LAX. In July, planes flying into and out of LAX carried 218,000 tons of air cargo, up 13% from July of last year. The July gain brings LAX nearly back to break-even for the year in air cargo tonnage, with 1,322,439 tons recorded for the first seven months of the year, down just 0.2% from the same period in 2019. Howard Fine, Los Angeles Business Journal

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