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LAACA LogoThe Los Angeles Air Cargo Association is a resource of dedicated air cargo related industries serving the Los Angeles area communities. The association provides its members with networking opportunities, educational seminars, and current industry briefings that enable airfreight businesses to become more connected and providers of quality service. LAWA sits on their board of directors, actively participates in association activities, and sponsors certain events.

ACI-NA LogoThe ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee is committed to advancing the industry's understanding and knowledge of air cargo economics and practices. Its focus is to assist airport operators in the management of existing air cargo resources, maximization of potential air cargo opportunities and the enhancement of air cargo revenues, in addition to providing a forum to discuss cargo-related security issues and developing concerns in the air cargo industry. LAWA is a member of the ACI-NA Air Cargo Steering Committee, and actively participates in its activities.

The ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee has recently made available the updated Air Cargo Guide. This document was developed by the ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee for use by air cargo managers and professionals with air cargo responsibilities, and can be downloaded in its entirety or by chapters, as follows:

The Air Cargo Guide:

Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) – Recent Cargo Related Studies

ACRP Report 143Report 143:
Guidebook for Air Cargo Facility Planning and Development

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