Airfield & Terminal
Modernization Project

Airfield & Terminal Modernization Project

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Updates: ATMP Draft Environmental Assessment (Draft EA) and Draft General Conformity Determination (Draft GCD) Available - Click Here
Draft EA and Draft GCD Virtual Open House Now Available - Click Here
Draft EA and Draft GCD Comment Period Extended to July 27, 2021


The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project will focus on airfield and terminal improvements that stay within the airport’s existing footprint, and landside (roadway) improvements that help reduce local traffic congestion. The Project would elevate the passenger experience, improve the community experience, enhance airfield safety and increase business opportunities.

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  • Provides a better passenger experience than remote gates—more seating and concessions not currently available at remote gates
  • Reduces wait times on the airfield
  • Transitions seamlessly between international and domestic flights

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  • Enhances airfield operational management which reduces delays and enhances safety
  • Reduces wait times on the airfield
  • Removes remote gates—less busing
  • Improves taxiways
  • Enhances aircraft movement

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  • Promotes local jobs during construction and operations
  • Provides additional concessions (restaurants & shops)
  • Increases business opportunities for local and small businesses

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  • Reduces traffic congestion on neighborhood streets
  • Promotes sustainable practices - minimum LEED Silver Certification for new buildings
  • Reduces wait times on airfield; reduces aircraft idling, decreasing emissions
  • Provides an additional connection to the Automated People Mover train, which will link to regional mass transit

Virtual Public Meeting and Hearing
LAWA will host a Virtual Public Meeting and Public Hearing on June 29, 2021 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time. There will be a 30-mintute presentation followed by a 90-minute public hearing. No answers to questions or decisions on the Proposed Project will be made during the virtual public meeting or hearing. Each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes in order to provide everyone an opportunity to speak. Register for the Virtual Public Meeting and Hearing by clicking here.

Draft EA Virtual Open House
The virtual open house includes stations with summary information about the proposed Project and the analysis and conclusions identified in the Draft EA. The Virtual Open House is available by clicking here.

Landside Improvements Visual Simulations 

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