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LAX Specific Plan Compliance Review


Notice of LAX Specific Plan Compliance Review – PDF Document

CEQA Environmental Documents


Notice of Preparation/Initial Study - PDF Download

A Notice of Preparation is a document stating that an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared for the project. It is the first step in the CEQA environmental review process. LAWA has determined that an Environmental Impact Report needs to be prepared for the Airfield & Terminal Modernization Project.

An Initial Study is a preliminary analysis conducted to determine if an Environmental Impact Report must be prepared and to identify areas of environmental effects to be analyzed in the EIR. LAWA has prepared an Initial Study identifying the potential environmental effects of the Airfield & Terminal Modernization Project.

The Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides a detailed description of the proposed Project. It also evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Project, and identifies mitigation measures to reduce significant environmental impacts. The Draft EIR also identifies possible Project alternatives.

Notice of Availability of the Draft EIRPDF Document

Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project Draft EIR Main DocumentPDF Document

  1. Cover and Table of Contents – PDF Document
  2. Chapter 1 Introduction and Executive Summary – PDF Document
  3. Chapter 2 Description of the Proposed Project – PDF Document
  4. Chapter 3 Overview of Project Setting – PDF Document
  5. Chapter 4 Environmental Impact Analysis – PDF Document
  6. Section 4.1.1 Air Quality – PDF Document
  7. Section 4.1.2 Human Health Risk – PDF Document
  8. Section 4.2 Cultural Resources (Historical Resources) – PDF Document
  9. Section 4.3 Energy – PDF Document
  10. Section 4.4 Greenhouse Gas Emissions – PDF Document
  11. Section 4.5 Hazardous Materials – PDF Document
  12. Section 4.6 Land Use and Planning – PDF Document
  13. Section 4.7.1 Aircraft Noise – PDF Document
  14. Section 4.7.2 Roadway Traffic Noise – PDF Document
  15. Section 4.7.3 Construction Traffic and Equipment Noise and Vibration – PDF Document
  16. Section 4.8 Transportation – PDF Document
  17. Section 4.9.1 Water Supply – PDF Document
  18. Section 4.9.2 Wastewater Generation – PDF Document
  19. Chapter 5 Alternatives – PDF Document
  20. Chapter 6 Other Environmental Considerations – PDF Document
  21. Chapter 7 List of Preparers, Organizations and Persons Consulted, List of Acronyms, and List of References – PDF Document
  22. Appendix A Notice of Preparation/Scoping – PDF Document
  23. Appendix B Activity Forecasts and Operational Analyses – PDF Document
  24. Appendix C Air Quality, Human Health Risk Assessment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Energy – PDF Document
  25. Appendix D Historic Resources Technical Report – PDF Document
  26. Appendix E Hazardous Materials – PDF Document
  27. Appendix F Noise – PDF Document
  28. Appendix G Transportation – PDF Document
  29. Appendix H Water Supply Assessment – PDF Document

We Want Your Input - The Draft EIR will be available for public review and comment beginning October 29, 2020. Comments on the Draft EIR must be received by December 14, 2020 by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. In response to requests from the community, LAWA has extended the comment period on the Draft EIR to February 12, 2021 March 15, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

How To Submit Your Comments?

The public comment period for the ATMP DEIR is now closed. 

NEPA Environmental Documents


NEPA and General Conformity Air Quality Modeling Protocol - PDF Download

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