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LAX iCARE Learning Hub

Welcome to the LAX iCARE Learning Hub! This learning portal was created for LAX employees to ensure they have all resources at their fingertips to continually provide LAXceptional Xperiences.

What is an LAXceptional Xperience?

This is an LAX commitment to enhance the guest experience and is shared by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who has a deep commitment and passion for improving the level of customer service throughout the city. At LAX, we get particular attention because we are the first and last impression of the City of LA. The Mayor, the Board of Airport Commissioners and LAWA CEO Deborah Flint are fully committed to the guest experience and delivering a gold-standard airport.

Our vision for the future leads us to our commitment to our guests with the creation of our brand statement. The brand statement was created by a cross-section of employees across LAX. This brand statement is not a slogan, tag line or jingle. It’s the “promise” that we keep in mind for everything we do at the airport. It’s what we want our guests to experience each and every time they come through LAX regardless of who is responsible for that service.

What is iCARE?

To improve guest satisfaction and to propel our airport in rankings, LAX team members uphold the brand statement and demonstrate a hospitable and caring attitude with these iCARE LAX behaviors which were designed by a cross-section of airport-wide employees.

To keep the momentum going, a Gold Star rewards program was created in which any employee at the airport can be recognized by a colleague or guest for providing exceptional service. You can recognize a GOLD STAR employee by visiting!

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