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Frequently Asked Questions

The PLA is an agreement between LAWA and the Los Angeles / Orange County Building Trades council, its affiliated local unions, and the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters that establishes the terms and conditions on applicable projects.
All contractors working on Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) PLA covered projects are required to comply with the Local Hire requirements. The PLA Article III, Section 6, Contractor Hiring Obligations, sets forth a 30% local worker hiring goal to maximize the employment of qualified persons and facilitate local resident access to union apprenticeship training.
HireLAX is an Apprenticeship Preparation Training held at Los Angeles Southwest College for local residents, interested in starting a career in the construction industry. Following the NABTU’s Multi-craft Core Curriculum (MC3) Program, this 8-week long program covers a multitude of comprehensive topics, preparing graduates for placement on LAWA-PLA construction projects.
Yes, in accordance with Article 9, Section 1 of the LAWA PLA: All employees covered by this agreement shall be paid the hourly wage rates in compliance with the applicable prevailing federal or state rate determination
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