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July 31, 2023

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Pictured left to right: Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners President Karim Webb, City Councilmember Traci Park, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Commissioner Val Velasco, Airport Environmental Manager Kathryn Pantoja (RET.), CSDA Design Group Principal Randall DeVoto, Federal Aviation Administration Airports Engagement Officer Ivan Gutierrez, LAWA Chief Sustainability and Revenue Management Officer Samantha Bricker, and LAWA Chief Executive Officer Justin Erbacci


(Los Angeles) Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Councilmember Traci Park joined Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Residential Sound Insulation (RSI) Showroom as part of the LAX RSI Program which has been developed to address the impacts of aircraft noise for eligible homes near LAX.

The LAX RSI Program provides new sound insulated windows and doors for untreated homes in the cities of El Segundo and Los Angeles within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Part 150 Noise Exposure Map (NEM) 2020. This program was made possible by grant funding from the FAA, with additional funding from LAWA, and is at no cost to the homeowner. The showroom serves to assist eligible homeowners who can ask questions, gain information, and see samples of the actual windows and doors that are used in the program.

“Constant noise from planes flying into and out of LAX is extremely disruptive for people who live and work near the airport,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “That is why I have always fought for robust federal funding for the LAX Residential Sound Insulation Program. I am delighted that this program is being rebooted so that more residents and families will have relief from airplane noise and enjoy peace and quiet in their homes.”

Since 1959, LAWA has developed and implemented noise abatement programs, sought partnership-based solutions and worked with stakeholders in a cooperative and collaborative manner. To date, LAWA has assisted with sound insulation in over 21,000 homes in the Cities of Los Angeles, El Segundo, Inglewood, and the County of Los Angeles.

Over the next several years, LAWA plans to work with homeowners to provide sound insulation to approximately 2,400 dwellings in El Segundo and Los Angeles. The budget for the program totals $143 million of which 80% is funded by FAA grants and 20% is funded by LAWA. Due to the FAA grants received in 2020, LAWA was able to launch the program in 2022 for the residents of El Segundo, and simultaneously offer homeowners located in Council Districts 8 and 11, a “second chance” to take advantage of the program if their homes were not previously mitigated prior to the program ending in 2014.

"I am thankful for Congresswoman Waters, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Los Angeles World Airports leadership for their efforts related to the LAX RSI Program,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Traci Park. “I look forward to exploring the community support provided and I am eager to find ways to enhance the quality of life of our community through these sound mitigation measures."

“The Board of Airport Commissioners is deeply committed to addressing noise concerns in the community and the opening of the LAX RSI Program Showroom is the next step forward in fulfilling our responsibility to be a best-in-class neighbor in addition to being a world-class airport,” said Karim Webb, President, Board of Airport Commissioners. “We thank Congresswoman Waters for her support of the program and the local homeowners, and the Federal Aviation Administration for the funding for this beneficial program.”

Residential sound insulation is achieved through improvement to the building exterior by way of replacing existing windows and doors with new acoustically rated windows and doors. At the showroom, sample products are on display to assist homeowners in decision-making, and program staff are available to answer questions.

“With the opening of the LAX RSI Program Showroom, LAWA strives to make a tangible difference in the community by offering homeowners a place where they can go in person to visualize the upgrades that are possible to their homes,” said Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. “We encourage all eligible homeowners to take advantage of the opportunity to equip their homes with practical solutions to reduce noise, and we thank our federal and local partners for prioritizing the needs of the community by offering this important program.”

Due to the number of eligible dwellings, it is estimated that the entire program will take several years to complete. It is the intent of the program to prioritize homes most impacted by noise from aircraft departing and landing at LAX. LAWA has hired the firm CSDA Design Group to assist LAX in staffing the showroom and implementing the program.

“CSDA Design Group is thrilled to partner with LAWA to deliver solutions to improve the homes of residents impacted by aircraft noise,” said Randall DeVoto, Principal, CSDA Design Group. “As the team implementing this impactful program, our customer-focused team looks forward to meeting and working directly with eligible residents to ensure the mitigation process is a smooth experience.”

Properties that are eligible for the LAX RSI Program must be located within the FAA approved 2020 NEM 65 dB CNEL noise contour map. The home must have been built before October 1,1998 and dwellings must be zoned for residential use. Sample acoustical testing will be done to make the final determination for eligibility, which requires the average interior noise level of the dwelling to be 45 dB or greater. To determine if your property is eligible for mitigation and to find out more about the program, visit the LAX RSI Program website.

The program office and showroom are located at 9100 South Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 109, in the City of Los Angeles. It is recommended that homeowners make an appointment by calling 424-646-7444 or emailing

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