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March 3, 2021

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Travelers transiting through Los Angeles International Airport can now offset the carbon emissions created by their flights by purchasing optional offsets through The Good Traveler program. The McCloud River Improved Forest Management Project, which began in 2006 and pictured above, is an example of one of many types of projects supported by The Good Traveler.
(Los Angeles, CA) As part of Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) bold agenda to reduce the airport’s carbon emissions and promote overall sustainable operations, travelers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can now help offset the carbon emissions of their flights by directly purchasing offsets through The Good Traveler program.
The Good Traveler allows guests to pay to offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by aircraft. As an example, carbon emissions from a single person’s roundtrip flight from LA to New York can be offset for about $12, saving about 2,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere. 
"LAWA continues to lead the way for airport sustainability, with ambitious goals that will set global standards," said Samantha Bricker, Chief Sustainability and Revenue Management Officer, LAWA. "By working with The Good Traveler program, LAWA is offering an easy and direct way for its guests to participate in the fight against climate change by voluntarily offsetting carbon emissions from their flights." 
To purchase offsets before or after a trip, guests simply visit The website includes a simple calculator where a traveler inputs their origin and destination, how many passengers are flying and other information. 

A carbon offset is an initiative designed to counteract the impact from existing GHG emissions through building sustainable solutions that capture or otherwise keep sources of GHG from emitting into Earth's atmosphere. The Good Traveler funds projects that lower carbon emissions in a variety of ways, including the sustainable planting of trees to capture carbon or investing in clean, zero-emission wind energy production.

Since its founding, the program has helped airports and travelers reduce over 86,000 metric tons of carbon, the equivalent to flying over 550 million miles carbon free. Since LAX's soft launch of its membership in The Good Traveler in February 2020, guests have offset approximately 95 metric tons of emissions. 

LAWA is committed to "boldly moving to zero," meaning that both LAX and Van Nuys Airport will achieve net zero in the following areas by the year 2045: no potable water consumed for non-potable uses, zero carbon emissions from LAWA operations and zero waste. LAWA is also committed to using 100% renewable electricity by 2045. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives at

About Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the City of Los Angeles department that owns and operates Los Angeles International (LAX) and Van Nuys (VNY) general aviation airports, as well as aviation-related property in Palmdale. Both play an integral role in helping to meet the Southern California regional demand for passenger, cargo and general aviation service. Both airports make a distinct contribution to the strength of the system as it provides a high level of safety, security and service for its customers, communities and stakeholders. More information can be found at

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