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Nov. 12, 2020


The bridge removal is part of ongoing modernization activities including the construction of the Automated People Mover and the renovation of Terminals 2 and 3

The 50,000-pound north section of the bridge is lowered on to a flatbed truck for removal.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Today, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) announced the successful demolition of a pedestrian bridge linking Parking Structure 3 to Terminal 3 within the Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport Central Terminal Area (CTA). Although the demolition of this pedestrian bridge was not originally planned to occur until late next year, the reduced traffic volume within the CTA due to the COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity to complete the work early with minimal disruption to airport guests.

“The removal of this pedestrian bridge earlier than planned is another example of our ability to adjust and be nimble as we take advantage of our lowered passenger traffic to make progress on our modernization,” said Jake Adams, Deputy Executive Director, Landside Access Modernization Program. “Removal of this bridge is integral for both the Automated People Mover project and the renovation of Terminals 2 and 3.”

In the days leading up to the pedestrian bridge demolition, crews removed concrete and roofing to lighten the bridge. Once that work was complete, shoring was constructed to support the structure as it was cut into two large sections. The sections were then removed via a 400-ton crane over the course of two evenings, the first during the early morning hours of Nov. 11 and the second during the early morning hours of Nov. 12. The larger of the two sections weighed over 50,000 pounds.

Click here to see a time-lapse video from night one of the bridge removal.

Workers using blow torches to separate the steel bridge structure from Terminal 3 (left). The crane lifts the 50,000-pound section of bridge down to Lower World Way (right).

A view of where the pedestrian bridge connected to Terminal 3.

“Once the APM is operational, guests arriving and departing from Terminal 3 will have the opportunity to do so aboard a convenient electric train system,” said Sharon Gookin, Project Director at LINXS Constructors. “These guests will navigate the system via an open air corridor that incorporates a moving walkway to reduce travel distance. The demolition of the pre-existing structure is one of many steps forward as we work to construct critical infrastructure befitting of a world-class airport.”

The removal of this structure, originally constructed as part of airport improvements made in preparation for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, clears the way for Terminal 3 to be connected via an elevated pedestrian bridge to the new LAX Automated People Mover (APM) system’s West CTA station.

The bridge removal also benefits construction for the modernization of Terminal 2 and 3 renovation, in which the steel structure for the head house is nearing completion.

Removal of another pedestrian bridge connecting Parking Structure 2 to Terminal 2 will follow early next year following the conclusion of the holiday travel season.

In May 2019, the pedestrian bridge connecting Terminal 6 to Parking Structure 6 was removed to facilitate construction of the modernization projects. Vehicle bridges connecting Parking Structures 1 and 7, as well as Parking Structures 3 and 4 were also demolished to prepare for construction of the APM train guideway and stations.

The southern section of the bridge was removed in the early hours of Nov. 11.

The northern section was removed in the early morning hours of Nov. 12.

The centerpiece of LAWA’s Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), the APM is an electric train system that will transport travelers in and out of the CTA, connecting them to new off-site parking facilities, regional light rail transportation and the Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility. Scheduled to open for passenger service in 2023, the APM project is a critical investment into the infrastructure of Los Angeles as the city prepares to host the 2028 Olympic Games.

The APM will feature six stations: three stations inside the CTA, which connect to the terminals via elevated pedestrian walkways, and three stations outside the CTA, which will connect to new off-site parking facilities, regional light rail transportation and a Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility. The APM is expected to relieve congestion within the CTA and in turn the surrounding thoroughfares, thereby reducing emissions and vehicle miles traveled.

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The pedestrian bridge prior to its removal.

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