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Sept. 2, 2020

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(Los Angeles, CA) Today, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) launched two new mobile-friendly websites that provide quick and easy access to information about aircraft operations at both Los Angeles International (LAX) and Van Nuys (VNY) general aviation airports. The new noise portals offer the public an interactive site, driven by data and multimedia content, to understand how different aircraft operations affect noise levels within neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

"Los Angeles World Airports is committed to being a great neighbor and to providing transparent information about how aircraft noise changes based on aircraft routes, weather conditions, runway maintenance and more,” said Samantha Bricker, Chief Environmental and Sustainability Officer, LAWA. “These unique online portals provide a new level of insight and education into when and why certain neighborhoods experience aircraft noise.”

Click here to access the Noise Portal for Los Angeles International Airport.
Click here to access the Noise Portal for Van Nuys Airport.

The sites offer neighborhood-specific details about how changes in aircraft takeoff or landing directions, as well as other procedures implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), can change aircraft noise levels in certain areas. Diagrams, videos, fact sheets, animations and illustrations offer a detailed but easy-to-understand look at typical aircraft routes and FAA procedures under different conditions. Visitors to the site can enter a specific address, or select a general area, and see diagrams of normal aircraft activity and more information.

Selecting the North and Northeast Communities area on the LAX Noise Portal, which covers neighborhoods from Playa Del Rey to View Park, will provide explanations about “early turns” and where aircraft fly during westerly or over-ocean operations. Similarly, because Van Nuys Airport is home to a number of flight schools, visitors selecting the VNY-adjacent area can learn about "touch-and-go operations," a flight training technique requiring multiple loops around an airport so that pilots can practice take-offs and landings.


The sites also offer “by the numbers” sections, which provide interactive reports including details about the types of aircraft and operations, runway usage during different times of day and more. There are also links to the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable, which provides a forum for local residents to engage on aircraft noise issues, a live flight tracker and instructions for leaving comments about aircraft noise.

The new portals will continue to offer more content over time and as conditions change, making it a one-stop location for area residents who are interested in learning more.

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