AUGUST MODERNIZATION HIGHLIGHTS: Key Updates on Construction Projects at LAX

08/03/2020 10:00 AM

Aug. 3, 2020

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 The steel skeleton of the new headhouse for Terminals 2 and 3 continues to take shape at LAX.
Key Updates on Construction Projects at LAX
(Los Angeles, CA) Each month, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) shares updates on current and upcoming construction projects at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This newsletter contains information about the status of projects within the terminals at LAX, as well as construction impacts to the airport roadways and the surrounding communities.

In August, work continues on the Automated People Mover (APM) train guideway and several terminal vertical core projects in the Central Terminal Area (CTA). Temporary pedestrian walkways are in place in the construction zones on the Upper/Departures Level, reducing the drop-off lane availability. On the Lower/Arrivals Level, LAWA-operated buses use the inside lanes, which are also reduced due to construction. Portions of Center Way remain closed for APM guideway and station construction.

LAWA is taking a number of actions to ensure that everyone can travel and work safely at LAX. High-touch surfaces and restrooms are cleaned frequently. Signs have been posted throughout the terminals, as well as at the doors, reminding guests to follow public health recommendations, including reminding guests that face coverings are required in our terminals, encouraging physical distance and discouraging unnecessary contact. Face coverings are also required on LAWA-operated buses, which will have limited capacity to accommodate physical distancing. Elevators are limited to two or three people, unless traveling with members of the same household or assisting a guest who is disabled. Capacity is noted on new signs posted at each elevator. Find more information on these efforts at

As work continues on the various elements of the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), a link is available for webcams that will allow the public to see the development of the APM guideway and stations, Consolidated Rent-a-Car (ConRAC) facility, APM Maintenance and Storage Facility and Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West). The cameras can be viewed by clicking here. Photo galleries are available here.
An interactive map that includes current construction projects can be found here. Click on the hard hats for more information about specific lane closures and construction projects.

Construction walls have been removed from the Terminal 7 lobby as vertical core work continues.

Terminal Construction/Renovation:

  • Terminal 1: Gate 10 is permanently closed for construction of Terminal 1.5. Gate 12A is closed until completion of Terminal 1.5. The pedestrian bridge connecting Parking Structure 1 and the terminal is closed, with signs placed to direct passengers.
  • Terminal 2: Gates 21 and 21A are closed during construction of Terminal 1.5.
  • Tom Bradley International Terminal: The north escalators and stairs located outside the terminal are temporarily closed due to vertical core construction. Gates 131 and 132 are scheduled to reopen in August while Gate 134 remains closed for construction related to the Midfield Satellite Concourse and expansion of baggage handling capacity. Work continues on an addition to the terminal near Gate 148 that will house elevators and escalators that access the tunnel to the new concourse. 
  • Terminals 4 and 5: The renovation program continues. Baggage Carousels 1 and 2 in Terminal 4 have been replaced and expanded, with Carousels 3 and 4 taken off line during construction of a terminal vertical core.
  • Terminal 6: Gate 61 is closed for construction of a terminal vertical core.
  • Terminal 7: Restrooms in the baggage claim area are closed overnight for construction of a terminal vertical core. Guests may use restrooms in the concourse area before exiting to baggage claim or go upstairs to the ticketing lobby restrooms if they have already exited security. A portion of the ticketing lobby has reopened while work continues on the terminal vertical core. An escalator between the Upper/Departures Level and the Concourse Level has been temporarily replaced by a staircase during construction of the terminal vertical core. Nearby elevators remain available.
Progress continues on the Airport Police Facility, foreground, and parking structure.

Updates on Other Projects:

  • Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP): The $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program is in the midst of heavy construction on all of the components. The APM's elevated guideway has taken shape as falsework for the guideway is up and visible along 96th Street and across both 96th and 98th Streets. The Maintenance and Storage Facility's steel structure continues to move forward while construction of the storage and test tracks is underway. The East Station in the Central Terminal Area is the furthest along of all six stations. The Intermodal Transportation Facility-West’s second-level deck is complete with construction already occurring for the fourth and final level. The Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility (ConRAC) has gone vertical with second-level decks being poured for the Ready Return/Idle Storage and Quick Turn Around buildings.
  • Airport Police Facility: By early August, the project is expected to hit a major milestone with completion of the last concrete pours for the headquarters building and the parking structure. Work will continue inside the building with the installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for both buildings.  Exterior work is well under way for underground utilities and rough grading for the future landscaped areas.
Two lanes of Center Way have reopened east of East Way, but are still subject to overnight and occasional daytime closure for work on the APM and its East station..

Roadway and Transit Impacts in the Central Terminal Area:

  • Terminals 1 and 2: The right-most drop-off lane on the Upper/Departures Level is closed to vehicles until late this year while it is used for a covered pedestrian walkway in the Terminal 1.5 construction area between Terminals 1 and 2. Overnight closures on the Upper/Departures Level may reduce the roadway to one lane.
  • Terminals 2 and 3: The right drop-off lane in the construction area on the Upper/Departures Level is closed for use as a temporary covered walkway. On the Lower/Arrivals Level, several outside lanes and the inside lanes will be closed occasionally for installation of utility tie-ins at Terminal 3. Buses will be detoured to the outer lanes between columns 2Q and 3H.
  • Tom Bradley International Terminal: Two drop-off lanes on the Upper/Departures Level on the northern side of the terminal are closed while a temporary, covered walkway is in place during work to add a terminal vertical core to the front of the building. The outer commercial island on the Lower/Arrivals Level has been widened by 6 feet to allow space for more guests. 
  • Terminal 4: Utility investigation work will require overnight closure of the left three outer lanes on the Lower/Arrivals Level through Aug. 6. One lane of traffic will be maintained. Construction of a temporary pedestrian walkway on the Upper/Departures Level may close the drop-off lanes at the east end of Terminal 4 in late August.
  • Terminals 5 and 6: One of the two drop-off lanes on the Upper/Departures Level has been replaced by a temporary, covered walkway during construction of a terminal vertical core.
  • East Way: Overnight closures are possible on both levels for installation of APM columns and guideway falsework.
  • Center Way: Center Way between West Way and Theme Way is closed at times to facilitate construction of the APM guideway and stations. During work hours, vehicles exiting Parking Structure 2a will be routed west on Center Way to exit the CTA. Center Way between East Way and Circle Way is closed overnight and some weekdays. Vehicles exiting Parking Structure 1 will use Center Way west to East Way to exit the airport during work hours.
  • Theme Way: Theme Way is closed between World Way and Center Way for APM construction through July 2022.
  • West Way: Northbound West Way is closed between World Way South and World Way North on the Lower/Arrivals Level through April 2021 for work on the APM. Southbound traffic will use the northbound lanes in the area of the construction, with egress from Parking Structure 2b, the entrance to Parking Structure 5 and pedestrian traffic maintained. Overnight lane closures are possible on both levels for the installation of APM columns and guideway falsework.
Central Terminal Area roadways with full-time lane closures as of the start of August are shown above.

The right drop-off lane on the Upper/Departures Level between Terminals 5 and 6 serves as a temporary pedestrian walkway as well as a stop for Hotel and Parking shuttles.

Sidewalk/Walkway/Parking Structure Restrictions and Closures:

  • Real-Time Parking Updates: Guests can access maps with real-time information on parking availability by visiting Parking rates and a calculator to estimate costs can also be found on this webpage. Parking availability can also be found on the @FlyLAXstats Twitter feed.
  • No Cash Accepted: Cashiers in Parking Structures 1, 2a, 5 and 6 cannot accept cash during the COVID-19 pandemic. All parking payments in these locations are card only. Payment machines for motorists who park in P2b, P3, P4 and P7 accept cash.
  • Parking Structure 1: Electric vehicle chargers have been relocated, with 20 stalls available in the east portion of the structure. Traffic exiting the structure is directed west on Center Way to East Way and World Way South to exit the airport when work takes place at Center and Circle ways.
  • Terminals 1 and 2: Construction on Terminal 1.5 will narrow the sidewalk between Terminals 1 and 2 on the Lower/Arrivals Level. A covered walkway is located on the Upper/Departures Level, and will be in place until later this summer.
  • Parking Structures 2a/2b: The bridge connecting P2a and P2b has been demolished to make way for construction of the APM. A temporary exit has opened from P2b onto West Way. In addition, P2b uses an automated payment system. Due to construction on Center Way, vehicles exiting P2a will be directed west on Center Way to West Way and World Way South to exit the CTA. The Lower/Arrivals Level entrance to P2b may be closed during nighttime investigation of utilities. Guests may use P2a or P3 as an alternative.
  • Terminals 2 and 3: A temporary, covered walkway is in place in the construction zone on the Upper/Departures Level. A temporary walkway is also scheduled to open this month on the Lower/Arrivals Level in the same area.
  • Parking Structures 3 and 4: The Lower/Arrivals Level entrance to P3 will be closed through Aug. 6. Motorists can access the parking structure from the Upper/Departures Level or use another parking structure. The bridge between P3 and P4 has been demolished. A temporary traffic pattern is in place due to enabling work for construction of the APM. An automated payment system has replaced the cashier booths, with motorists exiting the structures onto World Way. The ground level of P3 has been converted into a passenger pick-up area (Terminal B Pickup), with taxis allowed to use the western-most curb during a pilot.
  • Terminal 4: During overnight utility investigation work through Aug. 6, the Rental Car Shuttle stop near Terminal 4 will be closed. Guests will be directed to the nearest open stop. In late August, a temporary pedestrian walkway is scheduled to be constructed at the east end of Terminal 4.
  • Terminals 5 and 6: A temporary, covered walkway is in place between Terminals 5 and 6 on the Upper/Departures Level to accommodate guests while a terminal vertical core, which will connect to the future APM, is constructed.
  • Parking Structure 6: The pedestrian bridge between Parking Structure 6 and Terminal 6 has been removed. Guests should access Terminals 5 and 6 from the Lower/Arrivals Level. 
  • Center Way: The sidewalk path between Terminal 7 and LAX-it will be temporarily altered due to work on the APM at the corner of Center and Circle Ways. The new pedestrian route will be marked with detour signs.
Portions of World Way West are reduced to one eastbound lane for installation of electrical vaults.

Impacts Near LAX: 

  • Airport Boulevard: The right turn lane from southbound Airport Boulevard to 96th Street is closed during work on the APM guideway. Motorists can still turn right onto 96th Street at the traffic signal.
  • Arbor Vitae Street: Daytime lane closures are possible Monday-Friday between Bellanca Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard to facilitate the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s underground power duct bank installation in preparation for the future ConRAC Facility
  • Aviation Boulevard: One lane is closed in each direction between Century Boulevard and Arbor Vitae Street for Cast-In-Drilled-Hole (foundation) work for the Intermodal Transportation Facility-East. One through lane will remain open in each direction during the day, but occasional full nighttime closures are in effect.
  • Aviation/Century Boulevards: Work to restore the sidewalks at the intersection may occasionally close the right lane.
  • 96th Street: Relocation of utilities in advance of construction of the APM will restrict 96th Street between Airport Boulevard and Bellanca Avenue to a single lane for business access through August.
  • 98th Street: Due to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power construction of a new water main, 98th Street is limited to one westbound lane between Bellanca Avenue and Vicksburg Avenue until later this year. Metered parking is still available on the north side of the street.
  • Sepulveda Boulevard: Construction activities in preparation for APM foundation  and guideway work will require overnight closures of the right lane in both directions near the airport entrance in early August.
  • Streets surrounding LAX: Intermittent, short-term lane closures may take place as needed on streets in the LAX area. Streets include Century Boulevard, 96th and 98th Streets, Airport Boulevard, Westchester Parkway/Arbor Vitae Street, and Aviation Boulevard. At least one through lane of traffic will be maintained at all times and access to businesses will be maintained.
  • World Way West: Lanes will be reduced nightly for utility installation. With the Midfield Satellite Concourse's change to an airside project, World Way West is closed east of Coast Guard Road.

Please note that all dates provided in this notice are subject to change. Up-to-date construction alerts showing roadway lane restrictions and sidewalk closures in the terminal loop, as well as a pedestrian walking map and helpful airline terminal finder, can be found at  www.flyLAX.comLAX also partners with Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic reporting app, to provide enhanced information on conditions inside the airport and on nearby roadways. 

Work is underway on a terminal vertical core and above-ground connector between Terminals 4 and 5.

About Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LAX, the third-busiest airport in the world and second busiest in the United States in 2019, is in the midst of a $14.3-billion capital improvement program that will touch on all nine passenger terminals and build new facilities, including an Automated People Mover (APM) train, Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility and a 12- to 15-gate Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) addition to the Tom Bradley International Terminal.


In 2019, LAX served nearly 88.1 million passengers and offered an average of 700 daily nonstop flights to 113 destinations in the U.S. and 1,200 weekly nonstop flights to 91 markets in 46 countries on 72 commercial airlines.


LAX generates 620,600 jobs in Southern California, with labor income of $37.3 billion and economic output (business revenues) of more than $126.6 billion, according to an economic study based on 2014 operations. This activity added $6.2 billion to local and state revenues and $8.7 billion in federal tax revenues. The study also reported that LAX’s ongoing capital improvement program creates an additional 121,640 annual jobs with labor income of $7.6 billion and economic output of $20.3 billion; $966 million in state and local taxes; and $1.6 billion in federal tax revenues.


LAX is part of a system of two Southern California airports – along with Van Nuys general aviation – that are owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), a proprietary department of the City of Los Angeles that receives no funding from the City’s general fund. 


LAWA is leading the aviation industry in sustainability practices, with initiatives related to water management, energy (electricity) management, air quality, recycling and natural resources management. In 2019, LAX received Level III ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation from Airport Councils International-Europe.


LAWA is also a leader in inclusivity, operating eight programs that provide opportunities for business enterprises including local, small, minority-owned, veteran-owned and disadvantaged firms, and working together with community partners to offer the HireLAX Apprenticeship Readiness Program, which targets local workers to make them ready for rewarding careers in the construction trades, and the Build LAX Academy, designed to prepare small contracting businesses for success when working on projects at LAX.


LAX was named a top-10 U.S. airport by SKYTRAX in 2018, and was honored as the “Most Innovative Airport for Passenger Experience” in 2019 by the American Association of Airport Executives. LAX is the second-most popular airport in the world to appear on Instagram, according to Other recent honors have included selection as the No. 9 Best Airport (Wall Street Journal); No. 7 Best On-Time Performance for a Mega-Hub Airport (OAG); one of “The World’s Best Airports for Business Travelers” (GlobeHunters); Public-Private Partnership of the Year (P3 Bulletin); Urth Caffe, Best Airport Coffee Concession of the Year (Global FAB Awards); Innovation of the Year, Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility (ARTBA); Best Project, United Airlines Terminal 7 and 8 Redevelopment Program (Engineering News Record California); North American Public-Private Partnership Deal of the Year (IJ Global); and Innovative Transportation Solution of the Year, Automated People Mover (WTS LA).

As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities.  Alternative formats in large print, braille, audio, and other forms (if possible) will be provided upon request. 


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