04/17/2014 12:00 AM

Van Nuys Airport Earns National Award For Airport Training Excellence


(Van Nuys, California— April 10, 2014) — Van Nuys Airport has earned an ANTN Digicast Excellence in Airport Training award for training completed in calendar year 2013. 

The award, presented by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), signifies that Van Nuys Airport’s employees have completed a specified amount of federally mandated airport-specific and continuing education training using ANTN Digicast's Web-based training system. Van Nuys Airport is one of only 90 airports nationwide to earn the honor for 2013. 

“A trained employee is a prepared employee; we are proud that Van Nuys Airport has received AAAE’s Excellence in Airport Training Award for three years in a row” says Chief of Airport Operations, Flora Margheritis. 

The award levels are based on total training programs watched and total number of employees trained at each airport. Award levels vary based on the airport's hub size, and each winning airport is presented with a plaque marking its achievement. 

"By earning Excellence in Airport Training awards, these 90 airports have demonstrated their dedication to improving operations, safety, and preparedness,” said Patrick Raker, senior vice president of AAAE’s Training and Technology Services Department. “ANTN Digicast was created for airports of all sizes as a cost-effective, efficient way to help comply with mandated training requirements, and we’re encouraged that so many airports have made it an integral part of their training programs.” 

Airports that subscribe to ANTN Digicast have unlimited access to the service's training programs, which currently number more than 300 videos. Topics covered range from Federal Aviation Administration required recurrent training in areas including airfield driver training and wildlife mitigation to security-related training, customer service, and more. ANTN Digicast training is designed for airport employees as well as tenants, such as airline workers and subcontractors, who work at an airport. 

ANTN Digicast programming is accessible online via any Web-enabled computer, or mobile device. The system tracks training on a per-user basis, allowing airports to demonstrate to regulators that their employees have completed required recurrent training. 

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