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Van Nuys Drivers Training Program

In order to serve the needs of our tenants and maintain a high level of safety for those operating ground vehicles on the Airport, we have developed a comprehensive airfield driver training program. This program is divided into two levels of training depending on the type of access required to conduct your operation on the airport.

  • The Motor Vehicle Operating Permit (MVOP) provides for basic access which is limited to the use of airport service roads. This permit is appropriate if your operation requires access to multiple locations on the airport, for example, an aircraft cleaning service, aircraft maintenance service, FBO management personnel.
  • The Airport Surface Movement Program (ASMP) is designed for users whom require access to the Movement Area (Taxiway) in addition to use of airport service roads. The ASMP is more extensive in that it covers the material of the MVOP as well as communication and interaction with the Air Traffic Control Tower. The ASMP is required for all personnel whom will be towing aircraft on any Taxiway at VNY.

If you are interested in applying for an MVOP or ASMP Airfield Driving Permit, please email Van Nuys Airport Operations at mailto: VNYMVOP@lawa.org and an application package will be emailed back to you. Please note that you must have a bona fide operational need to use airport service roads or have access to the taxiways, convenience is not a justification.

New driver permit applicants will be required to receive 4 hours of practical airport service road driver training, provided by applicant's employer prior to scheduling an appointment to take the written exam. Applicants who are renewing their MVOP driver permit are exempt from this requirement if they apply for renewal before their current permit expires. Applicants with expired permits will be treated as “new” and must have completed the 4 hours of practical airport service road driver training as mentioned above.

Once you receive a notification from Airport Operations that your application package has been approved, use the links below to access the materials for the online training session. All personnel requesting a driving permit must complete the required training before taking the written examination.

For operators requiring only use of the Airport Service Road:

  • FIRST- Review the MVOP Study Guide (PDF)
  • SECOND- Watch the MVOP Training Video  (video)
  • THIRD- Contact Airport Operations to schedule an appointment to take the written exam

For operators whom will be towing aircraft, driving aircraft refueling vehicles, and using the Airport Service Road:

Please arrive on time for your written exam appointment.  

  • A one hour period is allotted to complete the exam
  • Use of notes, cell phones and/or other personal electronic devices is prohibited during the exam

Please bring your current state issued Driver License and completed Application for Drivers Permit form with you to the written exam appointment. If your application form is not completed properly and/or you do not have your driver license, you will not be able to take the exam.


Individuals who do not pass the written exam on the first attempt may take the exam again in five (5) days. If necessary, the exam may be taken again in one month. A fourth attempt may be taken in sixty (60) days and then every six (6) months thereafter. Applicants must bring a current state issued Driver License and completed Application for Drivers Permit form to each re-test appointment.

Van Nuys Airport Operations – MVOP/ASMP Program

16461 Sherman Way, Suite 300 – Van Nuys, CA 91406

email: mailto: VNYMVOP@lawa.org phone: 818-442-6506

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