Water Quality

In addition to water conservation, LAWA understands that water protection is equally important. We are committed to preserving this precious natural resource.

LAWA has supported projects to limit seawater intrusion and promote groundwater recharge. LAWA’s Environmental Programs Group manages several projects to improve storm water and groundwater quality.

Our Stories

Argo Drain Sub‐Basin Water Infiltration Facility

LAWA and Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding documenting potential drainage basin solutions to develop the Argo Drain Sub‐Basin Water Infiltration Facility. The Facility will be located on LAWA property, north of Westchester Parkway, between Falmouth Avenue and Pershing Drive. The Facility will accommodate a watershed area of approximately 2,200 acres. The Argo Drainage Channel will transport storm water via gravity to a diversion structure. The flow will be treated and pumped into underground infiltration galleries to recharge the groundwater basin. The Facility will improve water quality in the Santa Monica Bay and at nearby beaches. LAWA and the BOS worked in close collaboration to select the appropriate site, obtain funds, and plan for the project. LAWA issued the Concept Approval Letter to the Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) and the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) on December 17, 2015. BOE/ BOS are currently in the design development phase.

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