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Natural Resources Management



In the 1980’s, LAWA began restoring the LAX Dunes, which comprise of 307 acres of coastal sand dunes located on the western portion of the airport. The LAX Dunes are home to over 900 species of native flora and fauna, including the federally endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly (ESBB), and sensitive species such as the Southern California Legless Lizard and San Diego Horned Lizard.

Our Story


Please click here to take a virtual tour of the LAX Dunes to learn more about its history and current projects led by LAWA.



Delta Highlights

Volunteers removed 50.8 pounds of invasive vegetation from the Coastal Dunes Improvement Project area in the Northern Dunes on Nov. 19th, 2023. We are grateful to everyone who was able to come out and we look forward to the next volunteer event!



Please join us for the upcoming volunteer event in the Northern LAX Dunes on December 9th, 2023! We will be removing non-native invasive plants to protect and support native plant and animal communities.

You can register for the event by filling out the form below. We will meet at the gate on Waterview St and Earldom Ave across the street from Trask Triangle Park. Please review the map and the FAQ page before the event.

If you have any other questions regarding the volunteer event, please email or call (424) 646-6518

Please click here to sign up.

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