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United Airlines East Aircraft Maintenance and Ground Support Equipment Project

The proposed project would consolidate and modernize existing United Airlines (UAL) aircraft maintenance and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) facilities at LAX, allowing for more efficient and effective maintenance of existing aircraft and GSE at the airport. Currently UAL performs maintenance in two areas at LAX: West Maintenance Facility and East Maintenance Facility. UAL’s lease of the West Maintenance Facility will expire in 2020. UAL proposes to vacate the western facility and redevelop their existing eastern facility to consolidate all UAL’s aircraft and GSE maintenance activities.


 United Airlines East Aircraft Maintenance Overview

United Airlines East Aircraft Maintenance Overview

The consolidated East Aircraft Maintenance and GSE Facility would be located on existing UAL leasehold, south of Century Boulevard and east of the westernmost leg of Avion Drive.


Proposed Project Components


The project includes the following components:

Demolish all the building associated with the existing East Maintenance Facility, including two hangars that are part of the historic Intermediate Terminal Facility.

Construct and operate a new aircraft and GSE maintenance facility, including two wide-body aircraft hangar bays, a permanent GSE maintenance facility aircraft parts/supplies stores and supportive facilities.

Relocate provisioning (i.e., storage) to a portion of the UAL Cargo building.

Replace/resurface/restripe a portion of the apron area.

Reconfigure the apron and include aircraft parking positions in the hangar - Total of 23 future aircraft parking positions on the leasehold.

Construct a jet blast deflector (also called a blast fence).

Relocate, remove, and install utilities.

Vacate the east-west portion of Avion Drive north of Parking Lot H.

Relocate employee parking to Parking Structure F, located at the southeast corner of Century Boulevard and Avion Drive.


 Site Plan

United Airlines East Aircraft Component

State-of-the-Art Facility

The new maintenance building will be designated to meet LEED Silver standards. In addition, the hangar and aircraft apron will be designated as a “Pad-of-the-Future”, with 400 Hz electronic power and pre-conditioned air units for all aircraft parking conditions and electrification of GSE maintenance activities. These “Pad-of-the Future” features will allow aircraft engines to be powered down during maintenance and will reduce the use of fossil fuel-sourced mobile power units, reducing air emissions.


LAX Specific Plan Compliance Review Process:

Prior to issuing any grading permit, building permit, use of land permit or construction shall occur, on any Project within LAX unless Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) grants an LAX Specific Plan Compliance approval pursuant to the LAX Specific Plan.  This approval will be based on recommendations from LAWA’s Executive Director to BOAC that the Proposed Project be granted an LAX Specific Plan Compliance approval upon findings that the Proposed Project satisfies both LAX Plan Consistency and environmental compliance. 

Executive Director's Report (EDR) 


Environmental and Other Associated Documents


California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report

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