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South Airfield improvement Project

The South Airfield Improvement Project (SAIP) is the first LAX Master Plan project to be implemented and will improve airport safety by changing the way aircraft move about LAX's south airfield. LAX was annually experiencing a number of runway incursions where there was potential contact between aircraft. To reduce the potential for runway incursion the SAIP will provide a new parallel center taxiway between the two south airfield runways at LAX. 

To accommodate the new 75 foot wide center taxiway, Runway 7R-25L will be relocated approximately 55 feet to the south of its current centerline location. The relocation of Runway 7R-25L will include the relocation and replacement of the runway pavement, navigational and visual aids, and other associated site work such as utilities, lighting, signage, grading, drainage and structural improvements over the Sepulveda Tunnel. 

The project will minimize the potential for runway incursions by reconfiguring the existing high-speed taxiways on the south airfield that directly cross the departure runway (Runway 7L-25R). Arriving aircraft on the southern-most runway (Runway 7R-25L) would instead taxi onto the new parallel center taxiway and hold until it is clear to cross the Runway 7L-25R. 

The project began construction in March 2006 and is scheduled for completion in June 2008. The project is expected to cost approximately $333 million.

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California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

SAIP Fact Sheet - PDF Download 

Notice of Completion - PDF Download 

Draft EIR for SAIP Volume 1 - PDF Download  

Draft EIR for SAIP Appendix Volume 2 - PDF Download  

Exhibits from Public Workshop - PDF Download 

Final EIR for SAIP - PDF Download  

LAX SAIP - Public Meetings

Welcome Sheet - PDF Download  

Presentation - PDF Download  

National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)

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