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Secured Area Access Post Project


The proposed project is for the construction of a new Secured Area Access Post (SAAP) to provide a fully functional, secured access point onto the Airport Operations Area (AOA) on the west side of LAX. A new SAAP is needed on the west side to replace SAAP 5 which has been taken out of service, and SAAP 21 which will be removed to enable other airport projects. The proposed replacement SAAP would accommodate all types of vehicles that require access to the AOA (construction, aircraft service vehicles, vendors, LAWA, etc.), and would be the prototype for any future SAAPs and/or improvements to existing SAAPs at LAX. The proposed project would only affect vehicles accessing the AOA and would not increase existing passenger capacity or the number of aircraft operations at LAX.


 Project Site

LAX Terminal 1.5 Under Overview

The project is located on the west side of LAX, parallel to and south of World Way West, west of Coast Guard Road.


 Proposed Project Elements

A land footprint of approximately 1,200 feet by 150 feet, consisting primarily of paved areas with various pieces of equipment to control access (gates, traffic lights, signage, vehicle arrest systems, security fencing, etc.), and vehicle inspection equipment (license plate readers, under-vehicle scanners, etc.);

Two canopy structures spanning the width of the first and last inspection station;

Two guard station buildings (350 SF each) with monitoring equipment and a restroom facility, located at the first and last inspection station; and

Demolition and removal of the former Continental Airlines General Office Building (vacant) and associated facilities.


Environmental Documents

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)


SAAP Fact Sheet - PDF Download


Initial Study


April 20, 2017 - Notice of Preparation and Initial Study - PDF Download 

April 20, 2017 – Notice of Preparation Mailer - PDF Download


Draft Environmental Impact Report


July 27, 2017 – Draft Environmental Impact Report (Main Document)- PDF Download

Draft Environmental Impact Report (Appendices)- PDF Download

Cover and Table of Contents - PDF Download

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Executive Summary - PDF Download

Chapter 2 – Project Description - PDF Download

Chapter 3 – Overview of Project Setting - PDF Download

Chapter 4 – Environmental Impact Analysis - PDF Download

Chapter 4.1 – Biological Resources - PDF Download

Chapter 4.2 – Cultural Resources - PDF Download

Chapter 4.3 – Tribal Cultural Resources - PDF Download

Chapter 5 – Alternatives - PDF Download

Chapter 6 – Other Environmental Considerations - PDF Download

Chapter 7 – List of Preparers, References, Acronyms - PDF Download

Appendix A-1 - PDF Download

Appendix A-2 - PDF Download

Appendix B-1 - PDF Download

Appendix B-2 - PDF Download


July 27, 2017 – Notice of Availability Mailer - PDF Download

Final Environmental Impact Report – January 4, 2018

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