Environmental Documents

Environmental Documents

Project Documents

LAX Northside Plan Update

Environmental Documents
Revised Addendum to Certified EIR for LAX Northside Plan Update Project
Addendum to Certified EIR for the LAX Northside Plan Update Project – Public Meeting Notice
Final EIR Errata Notice
Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) Errata

◾ Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR)

  • Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR)

Technical Indexes

Design Guidelines & Standards

Final (November 2015)
Proposed (August 2015) 

Entitlement & Land Uses

LAX Specific Plan
◾ Department

City Clerk Council File

Tentative Tract - VTT-7148


Project History & Past Entitlements

1984 Zoning Ordinances and Final Tract Map No. - PDF Download
1984 Zoning Ordinances (159,526; 169,254; and 169,768) and Final Tract Map No. 34836: Permit up to 4.5 million square feet of commercial development.

1989 Northside Design Plan and Development Guidelines - PDF Download
Contain design guidelines and permitted uses for the Project site.

2004 LAX Plan - PDF Download
Provides the long-range land use policy framework and serves as the land use element for the City’s General Plan for the Airport and LAX Northside. The currently adopted LAX Plan land use designation for the Project site is LAX Northside. This land use designation provides for the development of a variety of uses that are consistent with airport needs and neighborhood conditions. The primary allowable uses within the LAX Northside include, but are not limited to: commercial development; office; light industrial; research and development; hotel and conference facilities; retail and restaurant uses; schools and community facilities; open space; bicycle paths; and greenway buffers (LAX Plan, p. 9).

2004 LAX Master Plan - Click here
The comprehensive development program for Airport properties, including runway and taxiway system modernization, redevelopment of terminal areas, airport access improvement, and passenger safety, security, and convenience enhancements.

2013 LAX Specific Plan - PDF Download
Achieves the goals and objectives of the LAX Plan through zoning and development standards, and contains specific provisions for the Project site. The currently adopted LAX Specific Plan zoning for the Project site is Los Angeles International Airport Specific Plan Zone (LAX-N Zone). The purpose of the LAX-N Zone is to provide for development that is consistent with airport needs and neighborhood conditions. The Specific Plan requires that all projects within the Project site comply with the 1989 Northside Design Guidelines (Section 11E) and other development requirements contained in Appendix A of the Specific Plan. Additionally, the LAX Specific Plan limits development within the Project site by establishing a vehicle trip cap of no more than 3,922 project-related am peak hour trips (or 3,152 inbound trips) and 4,421 project related pm peak hour trips (or 3,040 outbound trips) (Section 12-C(2)).

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