Purchase Instructions

To request a copy of any or all of the volumes that comprise the Final EIS, Final EIR, Supplement to the Draft EIS/EIR, the Draft EIS/EIR, the Final LAX Master Plan, LAX Master Plan Addendum, and/or Draft LAX Master Plan, please contact:

Printco Graphics, Inc. Phone: (323) 727-6868
2943 Supply Avenue Fax: (323) 727-6878
Los Angeles, CA 90040 Email: [email protected]

Payments may be made by: cash, credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), Money Order, Cashier's Check, or personal check. Any order paid by personal check will be delayed until the check clears. All items are subject to California sales tax and freight charges.

Copies are available as Compact Disc, Black & White with Color (Sizes 8½ x 11, 11 x 17), Black & White Only (8½ x 11), or Black & White Only (11x 17).

Note: The paper copy documents do not include a cover and are bound with 2-hole punch rings. Portions of these documents were designed to be printed in color. If you purchase a document in black and white only, the color pages may be difficult to interpret.

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