LAWA Airport Management

Dave Jones, Deputy Executive Director
Commercial Development

Dave Jones Headshot

Dave was appointed Deputy Executive Director, Commercial Development in June of 2021.

Dave has been at LAWA for 22-years, and with the Commercial Development division for the past 15 years. Since 2010, Dave has served as LAWA’s Director of Airline Property and Concession Services, and also served for fifteen months as Interim Deputy Executive Director of Commercial Development in 2017-18.  In these roles, Dave has managed over $700 million of LAWA’s annual revenue through concessions and real estate agreements.  Throughout his career at LAWA, Dave’s leadership has helped LAWA develop a strong, award winning concessions program that provides exceptional opportunities for LAX guests, strong revenue steam for LAWA, and a vibrant job market for our community.  In addition, Dave also was instrumental in leading the development of airline lease agreements that include over $4 billion of tenant renovation programs that LAWA is acquiring as part of LAWAs multi-billion-dollar capital improvement plan.  

Dave has a B.A. from UCLA, and a master degree in Business Administration from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.


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