Environmental Reports: References

  • FAA, Aerospace Forecasts Fiscal Year (FY) 2006–FY 2017, March 2006 (Draft EIR page 4.2-8)
  • Baseline and forecast operations for LAX were based on existing forecasts prepared for LAWA for the Los Angeles International Airport Senior and Subordinate Revenue Bonds Series 2008 - Final Official Statement Draft EIR (Draft EIR page 4.2-13)
  •  Actual growth for year to date (YTD) September 2006–2007 based on FAA ATADS and ETMSC (Draft EIR page 4.2-13)  ATADS and ETMSC are FAA databases, not publications,  which are accessed from the following link.  However, the ETMSC database requires special access from the FAA.
  • Actual growth for YTD September 2006–2007 for business jets based on FAA, ETMSC; actual YTD November 2006–2007 growth rates for major air carriers and commuter airlines based on USDOT T-100 database; actual CY 2006–2007 growth for non-jet GA and military based on FAA ATADS (Draft EIR page 4.2-13)  For ATADS and ETMSC see #3 above.  US DOT, T-100 is also a database, not a publication.  It r can be accessed by the public from the link below. 
  • VCAPCD Air Quality Assessment Guidelines (October 2003) (Draft EIR page 4.3-16) 
  • California Air Resources Board 2008b; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2008a (Draft EIR Table 4.3-8)
  • CARB’s Air Quality and Land Use Handbook: A Community Health Perspective (April 2005) (Draft EIR page 4.3-55)
  • Table 4.3-30 presents the total daily TAC emissions for all aircraft in the South Coast Air Basin, as estimated in SCAQMD’s Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study III (South Coast Air Quality Management District 2008). (Draft EIR Page 4.3-57)
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