School Sound Insulation Program

LAX’s efforts to enhance the educational environment for thousands of students in the Lennox and Inglewood Unified School Districts made significant progress over the last decade. LAWA provides funding to both Districts to support installation of acoustical windows and doors, rehabilitation of classroom interiors, and ventilation system improvements as part of this comprehensive program. The School Sound Insulation Program complements LAX’s treatment of more than 20,000 residential units in the cities of El Segundo, Inglewood, and Los Angeles as well as the County of Los Angeles since the mid-1990s.  

Lennox Unified School District’s program is complete as of 2019. Seven school sites in the District received sound insulation treatments and all sites are complete.  

Inglewood Unified School District’s program has four school sites in the District that will receive sound insulation treatments and all sites will be complete by December 2020.  

LAWA will invest over $60 million across the two Districts to sound insulate classrooms, offices and other noise-sensitive facilities in these schools.

Lennox School District (complete)

Dolores Huerta Elementary School – completed 2010
Animo Leadership Academy – completed 2013
Felton Elementary School – completed 2015
Lennox Middle School – completed 2015
Jefferson ORG – completed 2015
Buford Elementary School – completed 2018
Jefferson Elementary School – completed 2019

Inglewood School District (active)

Beulah Payne Elementary School – completed 2019 Woodworth-Monroe K-8 Academy – completed 2020
Morningside High School – completion in 2020
Oak Street Elementary School – completion in 2020

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