LAX Noise Management

Evaluation of the LAX North Downwind Arrivals

Residents in areas along the LAX north downwind arrival route (aircraft arriving to LAX from the north and west during Westerly Operations), have reported that since 2015 there seems to be more aircraft flying over and/or lower than before. They believe something had changed. Therefore, in order to better understand what changes may have occurred during the past few years, Los Angeles World Airports brought in two independent noise consulting firms, Environmental Science Associates and HMMH, to manage and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the north downwind arrivals for a period extending from 2010 through 2015. The purpose of this analysis was to determine whether there have been any changes in these LAX aircraft arrivals that may have caused residents to notice an increase in flight activity and noise in areas along the north downwind arrival route. The data analysis was completed in June 2016 and presented to the LAX/Community Noise Roundtable. The following are documents pertaining to the north downwind arrival evaluation.

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