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LAWA now has a new aircraft noise comment system called Viewpoint, which is fully integrated with the LAX noise and operations monitoring system and works in tandem with the existing WebTrak tool. This new system provides the same four previously available options for submitting noise comments, including a new mobile app with login functionality that allows users to store location information and to review a “history” of their prior comments.

Register and Login to Access New Features!


We encourage all users to register and create a login as this will enable you to access the new Viewpoint features:

  • Store user information without having to re-enter name and address information when you switch devices or when the app gets updated
  • Access to your comment “history” to view the last 50 comments submitted in the most recent 30 days (Mobile App)
  • No more email confirmations/receipts that clog your email inbox

Options for Submitting a Noise Comment

Mobile App icon

NEW Mobile App

Download the mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices:

Click for Instructions:  iPhone  Android

Comment Form icon

NEW Noise Comment Form

Fill out the LAX Noise Comment Form

WebTrak icon


Access the LAX WebTrak, a live flight tracking website that allows users to view and identify aircraft operations and submit noise comments for specific flights.

Telephone icon


Call our dedicated 24-hour LAX Aircraft Noise Comment Line at (424) 64-NOISE or (424) 646-6473. Please follow the instructions to leave a detailed message

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