LAWA Noise Management

Monterey Park Overflights Report

This report provides a monthly summary of LAX aircraft arrival operations that fly over the city of Monterey Park. 

During normal Westerly Operations, aircraft arriving to LAX from the north and west follow published Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight procedures on the North Downwind Approach.  Aircraft on the North Downwind usually make a U-turn at or past the 110 freeway to merge with East Arrivals as they line up to land at LAX primarily on the north runway complex.

At times, the FAA Air Traffic Control may instruct aircraft on the North Downwind Approach to make the U-turn at a point farther east from the 110 freeway, usually due to weather and/or traffic volume.  Aircraft flying farther east follow what is known as the Extended Downwind Approach. When this occurs, aircraft may fly over Monterey Park and adjacent areas at approximate altitudes of 2,500’ MSL or above and then continue to descend as they turn and head west for final approach to LAX.

This report includes a monthly overview of aircraft overflight activities and a detailed breakdown of aircraft overflights by aircraft type, time of day, and altitude.  All maps and graphs were produced using radar flight track data obtained from the FAA.

Please use the links below to view the monthly reports.


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