Noise management LAX

LAX Fly Quieter Program



Based on measured noise levels from two monitors in residential communities   Based on certificated noise levels of aircraft operating at LAX   Based on the number of pilot-initiated early turns flying over communities   Based on the number of non-conforming east departures between 12 am and 6:30 am   Based on compliance with maintenance engine run-up restrictions from 11 pm to 6 am  
 Quietest Arrival    Quietest Fleet    Early Turns    East Departures    Engine Run-ups  

Bonus Elements –

A unique approach that encourages and rewards operator engagement 


Noise Reduction Efforts

Implementing any equipment, technology, or procedural type effort to reduce aircraft noise; (e.g., retrofitting older A320 aircraft with vortex generators)


Stakeholder Engagement Efforts

Implementing outreach and educational efforts with stakeholders(e.g., establishing a noise abatement education program for pilots, attending LAX/Community Noise Roundtable meetings, or engaging with other stakeholders, including FAA)


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