Below are a few of the many benefits the City of Los Angeles offers its employees:



For most positions, the City has a twelve-step salary range. Other annual salary adjustments are determined by collective bargaining between employee organizations and the City. Employees with specific language abilities may earn a salary bonus for working in positions which require the use of bilingual skills. View collective bargaining agreements. (Link to MOUs)


Two weeks after one year.

Three weeks after five years.

Additional increases after thirteen years.


Employees are provided sick leave for illness and injury. Employees are covered by a disability insurance plan and have the option to purchase supplemental coverage.


The City provides a variety of health and dental plans for the employee, spouses, domestic partners, and eligible children. The programs available include both managed care and preferred provider options.


This plan is offered as a supplement to retirement benefits. Employees participation in this plan voluntarily defer a portion of their salary to help them prepare for financial independence when they retire, and at the same time, lower their income taxes. Deferred Compensation funds are not subject to state and federal income taxes until the funds are withdrawn, usually at retirement. Contributions remain in the plan until the employee separates from City service.


This optional plan allows employees to put pre-tax monies into an account from which they can be reimbursed for dependent child/elder care expenses.


The City of Los Angeles offers basic life insurance in the amount of $10,000 at no cost to most employees. Supplemental insurance may be purchased at low cost through payroll deductions.


Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) is a public pension fund providing service retirements, disability retirements, and health insurance subsidies to our Members and their families. Established in 1937 under the exclusive management and control of a Board of Administration, LACERS covers over 26,000 active employees and nearly 14,000 retirees.


The City provides an excellent, independent retirement plan to which both the employee and the City contribute.  The employee's contribution of 6% is tax deferred and paid through payroll deduction. Medicare deductions of 1.45% are withheld for all employees. If you choose to leave City employment before qualifying for a retirement allowance, your contributions, plus earned interest, will be refunded.


As a large employer with such a diverse workforce, the City of Los Angeles can offer its employees many opportunities for advancement. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and seek to improve their level within the organization.



In addition to the City of Los Angeles benefits, LAWA offers the following:


Specialized Training Opportunities: Specialized training is offered to employees through career enhancement and skill building courses presented by outside vendors and subject matter specialists.


Tuition Reimbursement: Tuition Reimbursement Program provides up to $6,500 per calendar year financial assistance to permanent civil service LAWA employees who choose to pursue degree or certification programs including specific course work that will enhance job performance and lead to future career development. 


Rideshare Program: With its own fleet of vans, LAWA provides vanpool benefits, and carpool incentives to its employees. Bus and Metro subsidies are also available.


Free Parking

Work site parking is provided free to all employees. Up to two-weeks of travel parking is also free!


Employee Recognition Program: Selected employees are honored for their outstanding contributions to the effective operations of the airports.


Service Pin Award Program: All LAWA employees who receive their 10, 15, 20, 25+-year City career service pin award are recognized annually.


Perfect Attendance Award Program: Special recognition is given to all LAWA employees that maintain perfect attendance throughout the year.


Innovation Program: LAWA employees may offer their suggestions and ideas for department process and procedure improvements. Employees are awarded if their ideas are implemented.


Wellness Program: A variety of health fairs and seminars provide employees the opportunity to receive free health evaluations and medical information.


Association of Airport Employees (AAE): AAE offers LAWA employees discount tickets to amusement parks, movie theaters, and local events. Activities include an annual employee picnic, a children's Christmas party, fishing trips, and much more.

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