Administrative Requirements

Administrative Requirements - Equal Benefits Ordinance

Equal Benefits Ordinance - RFB or RFP will specify whether the Equal Benefits Ordinance applies and what is the compliance procedure


Any contract awarded pursuant to this procurement process shall be subject to the applicable provisions of the Los Angeles Administrative Code Section, Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO).  The EBO requires City contractors who provide benefits to employees with spouses provide the same benefits to employees with domestic partners.  Domestic partners are defined as two adults living together, jointly responsible for living expenses, committed to an intimate and caring relationship and registered as domestic partners with a governmental entity.

The selected Bidder/Proposer must complete and upload LAWA’s Equal Benefits Ordinance Compliance Affidavit (2 pages) available on this website or provided in the project’s Administrative Requirements package.

The Equal Benefits Ordinance Compliance Affidavit shall be valid for a period of twelve months from the date it is approved. Bidders/Proposers do not need to submit supporting documentation with their bids or proposals. However, the City may request supporting documentation to verify that the benefits are provided equally as specified on the Equal Benefits Ordinance Compliance Affidavit.

Bidders/Proposers seeking additional information regarding the requirements of the Equal Benefits Ordinance may visit the Bureau of Contract Administration’s web site at or call Procurement Services at (424) 646-5380.


LAWA EBO Compliance Affidavit

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