Administrative Requirements

Business Tax Registration Certificate

Business Tax Registration Certificate or Vendor Registration Numbers - Required with All Bids and Proposals


All vendors doing business with the City of Los Angeles for seven (7) or more days per calendar year, regardless of the amount or cost for services rendered or even if business is located in another City, MUST hold a City of LA Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC).
For one-time purchase or service rendered over $200, and the business is not located in the City of Los Angeles and the contractor does not conduct business in the City for seven (7) or more days during a calendar year, he/she must complete the "Certification of Exemption for One Time Purchase or Service Rendered Over $200" (see below the Vendor Registration Application, Exhibit K, page 14) and submit the original form to LAWA Purchasing Division or Requesting Division and a copy to Office of Finance, Tax & Permit Division, Room 101, City Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90012.


Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), Chapter 2, Art. 1, Sec. 21.03 (Imposition of Tax), persons engaged in any business or occupation within the City of Los Angeles are required to register and pay the required tax.

Businesses, including vendors, owing tax are issued a Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC). In some cases where businesses are not required to pay a business tax, a Vendor Registration Number (VRN) is issued. Non-profit organizations may apply for an exempt tax registration certificate. In order to be paid under contract with the City, a BTRC or VRN must be provided to the Controller’s Office.

If a BTRC or VRN has already been issued, please enter it in the Vendor Identification Form. Otherwise, complete the applicable form provided below and follow the instructions. For additional information, please contact the City of LA Office of Finance, Tax & Permit Division at (213) 473-5901 or visit the web site at

For more information:

Please contact: Los Angeles World Airports Procurement Services Division, P.O.Box 92216, Los Angeles, CA 90009-2216; phone: (424) 646-5380, fax: (424) 646-9262, e-mail: or the City of LA Office of Finance, Tax and Permit Division at (213) 473-5901 or visit the Office of Finance web site at

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