What LAWA Buys

What LAWA Buys

Materials, Supplies and Equipment:

The following is only a small sample of the many types of materials, supplies and equipment LAWA purchases. We also buy many others!

Asphalt and Concrete Miscellaneous Materials
Automotive Parts Modular Buildings
Building Materials and Equipment Noise Monitoring Materials
Bus Parts Office Supplies and Equipment
Computer Equipment Paint Supplies
Computer Supplies Petroleum Products
Custodial Supplies Photography
Electrical Supplies Plumbing Materials
Elevator Equipment Printing and Bindings
Engineering Supplies Protective Equipment
Fire Supplies Safety Equipment
Furniture Telecom Audio
Hardware Telecom Equipment
Hazardous Waste Abatement Telecom Network
Heavy Duty Vehicle Parts Telecom Radio
Heavy Duty Vehicles Telecom Supplies
Heating and Air conditioning Telecom Video
Landscaping Uniforms
Light Duty Vehicles Welding Supplies
Mechanical Materials
Non-Professional and Other Services:

The following are brief examples of types of non-professional and other services LAWA contracts for.

Administrative Services Maintenance Services
Automotive Services Mechanical Services
Bus Services Miscellaneous Services
Computer Services Noise Monitoring Services
Construction Services Office Services
Copier Lease & Repair Painting Services
Custodial Services Plumbing Services
Extinguisher Services Rental
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Telecom Services
Insurance Services
Professional and Technical Services:

The following are examples of types of professional and technical services

Appraisal Services Marketing Services
Auditing Services Legal Services
Construction Engineering Services Training Services
Design Consulting Services Software Maintenance Services
Financial Services
Construction Services:

The following are examples of construction services

Demolition Airway and Taxiway Improvements
Electrical Power Upgrade Parking Structure
Lighting and Control Monitoring Systems Building Remodeling
Signage Upgrade

The following are types of Concessions.

ATM Off-Airport Car Rental
Baggage Service On-Airport Car Rental
Duty Free Retail Public Payphone
Food & Beverage Retail
Hotel/Motel Specialty Retail
Internet Kiosks Vending Machines
Lockers Luggage Carts

For information on business opportunities at LAWA, access the Los Angeles City-wide website:  "Regional Alliance Marketplace for Procurement(RAMPLA)". We look forward to doing business with you!

As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services and activities. 

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