LAWA’s Rideshare Vanpool Program

LAWA's Vanpool Program consists of 7 and 8-passenger vans, driven by volunteer employee drivers. Vanpools leave from one central location on the home end and travel to a central destination on the work end. LAWA Vanpool Program participants pay a monthly fare based on their commute miles. The monthly fare covers all vehicle leasing and fuel costs, and LAWA provides an employee discount of $60 per month for LAWA and City of Los Angeles participants. Airport tenant employees and members of the public are also allowed to take advantage of this program, as long as there are seats available in the van. Qualifying vans traveling to L.A. County worksites are also able to receive a discount for participating in the Metro Vanpool Program, the discount averages approximately $50 per seat per month.

LAWA's Vanpool Program alone saves over 1.5 million commute miles per year in addition to thousands of dollars in insurance and vehicle depreciation costs, and countless hours spent on Southern California's overburdened freeways. Our Vanpool Program currently serves Los Angeles International Airport.

Current benefits and incentives available to vanpool participants include:

  • Low, affordable fares
  • Free gas for all commute miles
  • Free emergency ride home program
  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Free washing/detailing each year
  • Preferred parking at LAWA employee parking lots
  • Additional regional incentive programs

  • Click here for a current listing of LAWA Vanpools including Pick-Up location, Pick-Up Time, Drop-off Time, Drop-off Location, and Work Schedule

For More Information: Call LAWA Rideshare at (424) 646-POOL (7665) or email RideshareInfo@LAWA.org

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