Transportation Network Company

Transportation Network Company (TNC) Permit

To apply for a Non Exclusive License Agreement (NELA) for a Transportation network Company (TNC), please see the instructions and checklist document below. Among the requirements, applicants must hold a current, valid TNC permit from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

The following TNCs are approved to provide pick-up services from LAX:

  1. Lyft, Inc.
  2. Uber Technologies, Inc.
  3. Executive Ride, LLC (Opoli)

TNC drivers that possess their own TCP permit from the CPUC may apply for a TCP NELA. See Transportation Charter Party Permit Information. TCP NELA holders who concurrently participate on a TNC platform must abide by the terms and conditions of the TCP NELA. 

Please contact the LAX Ground Transportation Permits Office at with any questions.

Documents & Forms

TNC Application Instructions & Checklist
TNC License Agreement Information Form (new applicants and updates)
TNC Non-Exclusive License Agreement – SAMPLE ONLY

  1. Exhibit A – Insurance Requirements
  2. Exhibit B-TNC Geo-Fence Areas

Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) information
Insurance Forms

Ground Transportation providers must abide by the LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations. Operators are responsible for ensuring all drivers are knowledgeable and comply with the rules and regulations set forth.

Violation of LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations may result in citation and vehicle impound.

Ground Transportation Permit Services

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For transponder replacement, please use our online appointment scheduling system

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