Business Process

Commercial Development Division (CDD) uses several different methods to lease and develop properties and to contract with new concessionaires.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) process is a fairly simple competitive procedure used by LAWA staff to gauge interest in a particular piece of LAWA property. This EOI process commences with the release by LAWA of a Request for Expressions of Interest. This Request will usually include specific information about a given piece of property, such as location, square footage, lease term, and rent. The Request may include other information or requirements, as appropriate. Parties interested in the subject property may simply submit a short letter to LAWA, expressing the parties’ interest in the property.

Should LAWA receive only one Expression of Interest, LAWA may elect to negotiate with the one respondent. However, should LAWA receive more than one Expression of Interest, LAWA may proceed with a more comprehensive competitive process, a Request for Lease Offer (RLO).

The Request for Lease Offer (RLO) typically follows LAWA receipt of multiple Expressions of Interest for a particular piece of property. The RLO is somewhat similar to the widely-used Request for Proposals (RFP) process in that it is a comprehensive competitive process used to garner public bids/offers on property available for lease. The RLO usually includes detailed information on the available property, including type of improvement(s), type of land, site dimensions, and other site features. Other general information in the RLO includes: use requirements, required tenant investments/improvements, prospective lease term, minimum acceptable rental offers, additional terms and conditions, and other requisites.

Interested parties must submit a Lease Offer package containing all requisite information, references, forms and statements required of the RLO by the due date listed in the RLO document. Once all lease offers are submitted, LAWA will review the offers and select a successful Lease Offer, based on the evaluation criteria detailed in the RLO.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a competitive procedure used by LAWA staff to select a tenant seeking to lease property at LAX. The RFP process commences with the release by LAWA of a Request for Proposals. The RFP will typically include background information about the property and airport, lease term, minimum rent, required development and improvement plans, and requirements for a proposal bond. The RFP provides specific instructions to proposers that include the required proposal format, elements of the proposal, obligations of the proposer, and the selection process. The RFP usually requires proposers to submit the proposer’s qualifications, and pertinent corporate financial information. The RFP exhibits may include a site layout, draft lease, an environmental report on the property, and LAWA administrative requirements.

Interested parties submitting proposals are required to submit all requisite information, references, forms and statements, and a proposal bond by the due date listed in the RFP document. Once all proposals are submitted, LAWA staff will review the proposals and, based on the evaluation criteria, may decide to interview proposers prior to selecting the winning proposer.

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