The Business, Jobs & Social Responsibility is central to the relationship between Los Angeles World Airports and the communities that support its vital contribution to the region’s economy. As a champion for the success of that relationship, the BJSR represents a highly effective virtual marketplace where contracting and employment needs are vetted, requirements are specified, talents are showcased and resources are acquired. 

The Business, Jobs & Social Responsibility Division is tasked with strengthening LAWA’s relationships and communications with the community. In support of this mandate, the Business, Jobs & Social Responsibility Division established the Business & Job Resources Center (BJSR), a centrally located resource, (link to a map) that serves as a comprehensive clearinghouse for information regarding LAWA contracting, employment and work experience opportunities.

The BJSR serves as a critically important link between LAWA and the community – a hub of activity and opportunity that is committed to the shared economic interests of LAWA, its tenants, and most importantly, the emerging businesses, job seekers and students in the communities impacted most by LAWA’s projects and activities.

In pursuit of its goal of sharing the economic prosperity created by modernized, more efficient and more vital facilities at LAX and Van Nuys, the BJSR provides programs and support within four distinct service areas:

Business Outreach – Hosting business and information outreach events, participation in and sponsorship of business networking events, and providing business assistance services, including referrals and information regarding LAWA business opportunities and initiatives

Employment Outreach – Programs connecting community residents to employment opportunities with LAWA and LAX tenants

LAWA Bond Assistance – Technical support and financial guidance for local prime and sub construction contractors bidding on airport construction and capital improvement projects

Education Outreach – Valuable work experience and potential career entry point into the aviation industry for local college and high school students through LAWA’s Gateways Internship Program

Job Training – Program allowing LAX community residents to take advantage of training opportunities with LAX Job Training Program partners

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