Aircraft Design Group VI Plan

Aircraft Design Group VI Plan


Los Angeles World Airports Aircraft Design Group (ADG) VI (ICAO Code F) Operational Plan

The Plan describes procedures and protocols for operating ADG VI aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). More specifically, it prescribes certain operating procedures focused on enhancing safety, mitigating the impacts to the Vehicle Service Roads (VSR), and ensuring compliance with the FAA-approved Modifications to Standards (MOSs) relating to ADG VI operations at LAX. The Plan reflects a compilation and analysis of FAA approved MOSs, previous ADG VI operations at the airport, and feedback received from involved working groups. The Plan does not supersede established policies and procedures as described in the LAX Rules and Regulations or Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

The Plan also provides for an understanding between Air Carriers, FAA Airport Traffic Control Tower, and LAX Airport Operations on the expected maneuvers of ADG VI aircraft. By simplifying the taxi routes and designating an expected route of travel, LAX Airport Operations staff will be better positioned to provide the support in areas where clearances are reduced. Additionally, the Plan outlines what Air Carriers, the FAA Airport Traffic Control Tower, and LAX Airport Operations have acknowledged as acceptable routes.

The size of ADG VI aircraft (wingspan 214’ (65m) – 262’ (80m) and tail height 66’ (20.1m) – 80’ (24.4m)) has presented several challenges during ground operations, which has necessitated the continuous review of processes and procedures for operating ADG VI aircraft at operations at LAX. For this reason, the Plan is considered a “Living Document” and as such may undergo several revisions to accommodate the airport’s changing conditions.

Any feedback received will ultimately prove valuable to the Plan. If you have comments that you wish to share with LAX Airport Operations, please contact the Airside Manager, Cary Buchanan, at or (424) 646-8257.

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