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As of August 1, 2016, LAWA Noise Management implemented a new noise comment system, provided by PlaneNoise, Inc., to enhance options for the public to submit noise concerns and provide new tools for LAWA staff to better analyze and understand reported issues. This new system works seamlessly with the existing WebTrak system, and provides direct access to a simple comment form, as well as a mobile web app that allows comments to be submitted quickly and easily.

Submitting a Noise Comment

If you would like to submit a comment about VNY aircraft noise, there are four options:

1.  Fill out the VNY Noise Comment Form.

2.  Access the VNY WebTrak site. From this live flight tracking website, users can view and identify aircraft operations and perform self-investigation. The online comment form can be accessed by clicking on the “Comment” tab located on the top left hand corner, then the “Comment Form” button. More information on WebTrak may be found here.

3.  Download the VNY Mobile Web App. From your iPhone or Android mobile device, click on the link:

Mobile Web App Instructions:


  • i.  Save the app to your home screen:
  • From iPhone: Tap the box with vertical arrow and select add to home screen From Android: Tap the 3 Menu dots and select save to homepage
  • ii.  Go to your home screen and open the new comment mobile web app
  • iii.  Enter your comment information following Steps 1-4 and click Submit

Note : After using the app the first time, user information is saved and does not need to be re-entered. Additional comments can be submitted by tapping “Create a New Comment.”

4.  Call our dedicated VNY Community Response Line at (800) 560-0010. Callers can leave detailed messages of their concerns about aircraft noise on this line.

Comment Response

Staff will investigate up to five comments per person per month, and provide follow-up responses via written letter, if a response is requested. In order for staff to properly record and investigate your concerns, and to identify trends and potential issues in your neighborhood, we require complete and accurate address information. All comments submitted with complete address information will be counted and reported.

Noise Comments Monthly Reports

You can view monthly summaries of noise comments for the previous two years here.

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