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Van Nuys Noise Management

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is committed to minimizing noise impacts in neighboring communities from aircraft operating at VNY. LAWA has established local noise abatement regulations and created voluntary noise abatement programs to work with stakeholders in a cooperative and collaborative manner to reduce aircraft noise in surrounding communities.

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  Status update is available on proposed amendments to VNY departure procedures.


Quieter Nights Program

In an effort to reduce nighttime aircraft operations at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and aircraft noise affecting local communities, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) created the voluntary Quieter Nights Program (QDP). This program is separate and in addition to the existing mandatory nighttime noise curfew currently in effect at VNY. For information on other noise restrictions, click here.

The Quieter Nights Program encourages jet aircraft operators to avoid flights at VNY between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. whenever possible, unless the aircraft are involved in military, law enforcement, emergency, fire or air ambulance/life flight operations.

This program includes active collaboration among VNY staff and jet aircraft operators, the development of best practices to reduce nighttime flights and ongoing outreach to jet aircraft operators to achieve program goals. Additionally, LAWA will distribute information about the Quieter Nights Program through the VNY airport website, publications and other printed materials to maximize program awareness. For pilot information, click here.

To incentivize jet aircraft operators’ participation, this program will be included in the existing VNY Friendly Flyer Awards Program, which publicly acknowledges jet aircraft operators who do an exemplary job following all VNY noise abatement policies and programs.


Van Nuys Airport has a very robust noise management program, as many mandatory measures were adopted prior to the 1990 Airport Noise and Capacity Act (ANCA) passed by Congress, which limited an airport’s ability to adopt any new noise restrictions. Since ANCA, Los Angeles World Airports has continued to balance the needs of the local residents and the aviation community by taking proactive measures.

In 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration implemented NextGen procedures for VNY departures and subsequently published revised procedures in May 2018. Studies by LAWA found jet aircraft on these revised procedures followed flight paths farther south over communities in the Santa Monica Foothills, with more frequency. This change - coupled with increased flight activity associated with a booming economy, operations displaced by the runway shortening at Santa Monica Airport and heightened social media and press coverage of Hollywood Burbank Airport Metroplex procedures over the foothill communities - resulted in an increase in the number of individuals reporting noise concerns about VNY jet departures over the Santa Monica Foothills.

LAWA remains committed to working with the FAA and airport stakeholders on a primary solution to the issues caused by the revised Metroplex procedures. In the interim, VNY is working in partnership with major airport tenants and operators to minimize the effects of nighttime operations on our airport neighbors through implementation of the Quieter Nights Program.

For more information about VNY noise abatement programs and related information, please see the links below.

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