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LAX Soundproofing Program

Los Angeles World Airports, working closely with local Council offices, implemented an Airport Residential Soundproofing Program (RSP) for aircraft noise impacted in the City of Los Angeles.

The program covered residential buildings in areas of the City of Los Angeles that are in the 65 dB CNEL noise contour shown on the 4Q92 Contour map.

Duration of the Residential Soundproofing Program

The Soundproofing Program began in 1997 with implementation of the first soundproofing project in Playa del Rey and Westchester. At that time, LAWA opened a community office in Westchester, which remained open to the public until September 2009. Two demonstration homes, one in each of the areas included in the City's RSP in Westchester and South Los Angeles, were used to showcase the noise mitigation products available to homeowners.  After an extensive outreach effort to contact all eligible homeowners, the final deadline for participation in the program was issued for June 1, 2010.  During the duration of the program, LAWA soundproofed over 7,300 residential dwelling units in the City of Los Angeles near LAX. 


At this time, the LAX Soundproofing Program is complete and soundproofing is not offered to new participants. LAWA understands there are some homeowners in the City who feel that their homes are impacted by aircraft noise.  If you would like to file a comment about aircraft noise, you may contact Noise Management by calling the dedicated 24-hour number (LAX Noise Comment Line: (424) 64-NOISE).

You may still contact the LAX Soundproofing Office at (424) 646-7444 with any additional questions.

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