Design & Construction Handbook

Utility & Area Shutdowns, Construction, Closeout And Safety

Construction & Closeout Documents

Pre-Construction Conference Agenda

Notes to the Construction Team

Hot Taps and Pipe Connections

Welding Cutting Permit

To Request a Change or Exception

Tenant Request for Exemption Form

Revision to Approved Scope

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LAWA Construction Safety Program Requirements

Email [email protected] with questions related to LAWA Safety Standards.

Coordination Contacts

Shutdown Control Center (SCC) 

8100 Westchester Parkway, #9 
Los Angeles, CA, 90045 

- Utility Shutdown Requests 
- Area Shutdown Requests 
- Contractor Access Request
- Contractor Key Request
- SCC Process and Procedure Manual

All contractors are required to submit any USR and ASR applications by using LAWA’s online portal.
Please contact the [email protected] to request an account or call (424) 646-5977 for more information. 


Coordination and Logistics Management (CALM)

CALM Checklist

CALM Review Procedures TIAP Process

Site Logistics Plan Graphic Examples

Phasing Plan Graphic Example

01 56 23 Temporary Barricade and Enclosure Standards

01 58 00 Temporary Signage Standards

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Recently Added to Archive

- May 18, 2018 - Temporary Barricade and Enclosure Standards

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