Administrative Requirements

Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBE) Program

ACDBE is project specific, the RFP will specify whether the ACDBE compliance is required.


Pursuant to United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 49-Transportation, Subtitle A, Part 23 (49 CFR 23), it is the policy of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to provide Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBEs) the opportunity to compete for and participate in the performance of all LAWA contracts. The objective of this policy is to achieve the participation of ACDBEs at levels comparable to their availability to provide goods and services to LAWA with the ultimate goal of developing their status and expertise so that they may compete for future contracts on an equal basis with other successful non-ACDBE firms.

An Airport Concession is defined as:

1. A business located on an Airport that is engaged in the sale of consumer goods or services to the public under an agreement with an Airport, another concessionaire, or the owner or lessee of a terminal.

2. A business conducting one or more of the following activities, even if it does not maintain an office, store, or other business location on an Airport, as long as the activities take place on the Airport: management contracts and subcontracts, a web based or other electronic business in a terminal or which passengers can access at the terminal, an advertising business providing advertising displays or messages to the public on the Airport, or a business providing goods and services to concessionaires.

Failure to meet this ACDBE participation level will not by itself be the basis for disqualification or determination of noncompliance with this policy. However, it is incumbent on the Bidder/Proposer to submit appropriate documentation to demonstrate that a "good faith effort" was made to reach out to ACDBEs. Failure to provide supporting documentation of a good faith effort within three (3) days of notification by the Department and failure to achieve a minimum of 75 out of 100 Good Faith Effort evaluation points will render the bid/proposal non-responsive and will result in its rejection.

Public Notice:
Where to find ACDBE certified businesses:

If you are not certified and wish to obtain Certification Materials, please contact the Centralized Certification Administration at (213) 847-2684 or go to their website

For potential new DBE/ACDBE applicant firms, you can also apply online, please use the weblink below to register and apply.

Click here to access the   

For information on business opportunities at LAWA, access RAMP (Regional Alliance Marketplace for Procurement) and Bonfire. We look forward to doing business with you!

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