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In 2018, LAX Integrated Express Solutions (LINXS) was selected as the developer of the Automated People Mover project at LAX. LINXS has built partnerships with community-based organizations to focus on expanding the pipeline of workers, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds. The Automated People Mover project will create infrastructure career pathways for women, former foster youth, individuals in reentry and transitioning out of gang involvement and persons with disabilities. HireLAX, LAWA’s Apprenticeship Readiness Program, will be a key partner in this effort, as will other resources offered by the Building Trades and other industry partners.

To support emerging businesses and the local workforce, a combined $585 million has been identified for local, small or disabled veteran-owned businesses, with $85 million committed exclusively to local, small businesses in Los Angeles. The project will create more than 2,000 construction jobs, with at least 30% of those opportunities reserved for residents of Los Angeles as well as highly impacted communities near LAX. Sixty percent of careers during the 25-year operations and maintenance phase are designated for local workers.

For more information about contracting opportunities on the Automated People Mover project, please contact LINXS at and visit the LINXS website to complete LINXS’ Notice of Interest Form.

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