Performing Arts

Gingee and the Ancestral Vision Movement

June 4 & 5
Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B)

Gingee (Marjorie Light) is a DJ, producer, percussionist, and vocalist from Los Angeles known for her unique take on electronic music, which blends elements of global bass, world music, and hip-hop. Her work is a reflection of the sounds and cultures she has been exposed to growing up in Los Angeles, as well as the musical world of her Filipino ancestors and beyond. From the percussive rhythms of instruments such as the Kulintang (traditional Filipino gongs), kettle drum, and cowbells, to synths, turntables, and rapping, she seeks to speak the language of music and poetry and use it to communicate a message of empowerment and celebration.

Joining Gingee for her performance at LAX is Ancestral Vision Movement, an urban fusion dance company based in Los Angeles that bridges Filipinx diaspora identity with the respective roots from the motherland. Founded by choreographer Ally Vega, Ancestral Vision Movement fuses traditional Filipino dances with urban street styles to create stage pieces and visuals that honor the first generation diaspora narrative. They have been featured at venues such as Grand Performances, Filipino AF, Tuesday Night Café, and Sunday Jump.



Photo courtesy of Farah Sosa

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