Past Exhibitions

Rhizomatic Variations

Artist: Marianne Sadowski

Terminal 1 Departures

A vibrant city of contrasts, Los Angeles is always alive and moving. Marianne Sadowski’s artwork celebrates the city’s vast layers of diversity: people coming from all over to seek their dreams; iconic landscapes of freeways and Mexican fan palms; spectacular sunsets splashing an endless maze of streets and buildings; and creeping nature peeking through overlooked spaces. Within this complexity of connection, the city builds upon endless layers of chaos and splendor.

Sometimes in harmony, sometimes seemingly dissonant, there is always the larger movement of pattern finding its own logic. It shapes and reshapes, maps and remaps, drawing different cultures together to find their destinies in this city. The urban form dances with the colors of nature, creating a new topography. Native and non-native alike are all passing through to contribute to the vibrancy of this mapped time and place.

These planographic compositions are comprised of polymer plate lithographic prints and translucent papers, playing with the abstract form and color of Los Angeles’ streets and natural environments. Lines find extension through multiple layers of images and the counterpoint of color speaks to the play of diversity. Like the city, nothing goes with nothing, but everything goes together. Sadowski’s work explores the larger beauty of disorder finding its own harmony. This is a portrait of Los Angeles finding its identity through its endless change.

Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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